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May 30, 2021

Angel With Jessica Winterstern on Dancing With Grief, Navigating Conflict and Living With an Open Heart.

Angel With Jessica Winterstern on Dancing With Grief, Navigating Conflict and Living With an Open Heart.

Today's episode I sat down with Jessica Winterstern, a dear soul sister full of wisdom. We went deep on the tender dance of grief as Jessica shares her experience losing her Mother to early onset alzheimer's. We also discuss sacred partnership, using sacred intimacy as a healing space and bouncing back from conflicts in a conscious way.   

Jessica received her Bachelor of Science, in Applied Psychology from NYU, her Masters in Education., in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard, and an M.A., in Applied and Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing from University of Santa Monica. Through her work with world-renowned authors, philosophers and teachers, David Deida, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, David Whyte and Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, she has become an expert in relational dynamics, sacred intimacy, love and loss. Through her guidance, she helps women reconnect to their fundamental wholeness, power and strength.

Find her on instagram @thefeminineheart

The full break down of our conversation...

2:00 Jessica’s biggest soul school life lessons

4:00 What Jessica wishes the world knew about grief

06:30 Jessica’s favourite ways to dance with grief and why our hearts are so resilient.

9:00 What Jess wishes the world knew about supporting those who are grieving

11:25 Angel’s experience of resurfaced trauma and dancing with grief.

13:30 Being gentle in the healing process

14:56 How do we dance with big emotions, without being high jacked by them?

19:00 The space between stimulus and reaction and how to stretch out that space.

21:45 What are masculine & feminine dynamics.

26:25 Why we attract our reciprocal or “vibrational match” in partnership.

28:00 How polarity works.

31:00 Why Angel fears this idea of “masculine/feminine” principles can actually be dangerous and limiting

36:00 Moving away from what is culturally appropriate to what is attuned to the moment.

39:00 Sacred Intimacy: “there is no shade too dark for this love.”

42:00 Taking the grief stricken moments and softening them, through love making.

43:00 What is a ‘projection’?

45:00 How Jessica resolves conflicts with her husband John.

50:00 Dealing with your partners wounds.

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