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June 12, 2021

Angel with Blu on Shaving Our Heads & Using Play as a Portal to the Divine!

Angel with Blu on Shaving Our Heads & Using Play as a Portal to the Divine!

Blu is a heart-led woman, with a love for creating. She inspires others to activate their full potential, and live their purpose. Through Plant-Medicine, Gene Keys, Public Speaking, and the Deja Blu Podcast- Blu creates space for the expansion of others.

Blu has been a Student of the Plants for just over a decade. Forever in awe and honor of their wisdom, she is devoted to sharing her insights and teachings of the intelligence of the plant world through all of her creative outlets.

Blu is also a student and facilitator of the Earth Temple Center of Prayer and Shamanic Arts and a protected medicine carrier under the Native American Church. She is also a devoted student of the Shipibo Tribe, honouring indigenous ancestral teachings in modern day times.

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Here is the full scoop of our conversation:

0:25 Blu shares on the experience of shaving her head

2:15 “Feminine” beauty stereotypes

06:30 The biggest take away from the head shaving experience

8:44 How the beauty ideal keeps us stuck in the 3D

9:44 Moving beyond the primal to extra sensory perception

11:15 To transcend the primal or use the primal as the portal to God?

14:30 The power of intention

15:00 Why silliness is a super power and over seriousness is a spiritual disease.

18:57 The ‘unawakened one’ can look similar to the untrained eye as a deeply awakened being.

20:30 Gut health as part of spiritual awakening.

22:00 Spiritual Elitism & Spiritual hierarchy

25:35 Blu shares what it means to her to be an Awakened Womxn

25:46 The Shadow of Jealousy - Dishonour

28:48 Why requesting space can be the most powerful practice

30:00 Love as the ultimate dojo - learning from jealousy

31:35 How to use “I am” language for deeper intimacy and repairing ruptures

33:15 Toxic masculinity and how it affects our intimacy

37:40 Existential kink and contrast the sweet teacher

41:15 Heartbreak - what we can learn from it and how can we heal?

42:00 Heart break and creativity

46:00 The power of surrender

48:00 “Anxiety is trapped creative potential” 

50:00 The cross over between creativity and sensuality

53:00 Orgasms for manifestation

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