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May 19, 2021

Angel with Alexandra Roxo on finding God in Ayahuasca, Strip Clubs & Sex

Angel with Alexandra Roxo on finding God in Ayahuasca, Strip Clubs & Sex

This week we speak with Alexandra Roxo is a writer, artist, and cofounder of the online community and ritual program Radical Awakenings. Her writing on the intersection of spirituality, sexuality, and healing has been featured in Girlboss, Teen Vogue, MindBodyGreen, and more. Her film and TV work with Vice and her iconic web show Be Here Nowish have been viewed by millions. Alexandra is the author of F*CK LIKE A GODDESS: Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power, which is an Amazon Bestseller in three categories. It has been covered by Bustle, Refinery29,, and called by Publisher’s Weekly a “sharp forceful debut”. She has been featured in the New York Times, Playboy, the Guardian, and Nylon magazine for her raw and sensual approach to healing and wellness and storytelling. She has also been named a modern spiritual leader by Well+Good. She currently lives in Los Angeles. For more, visit

We spoke about...

2:00 Using praise for our work as a source of strength on a down day.

3:20 Being an artist on the internet versus in-person.

8:00 The digital ego of our social media age

9:15 Ayahuasca as a healing medicine and teacher.

13:00 ‘Basement Shamanism’ & the dark side of Ayahuasca

20:17 What happens during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

23:00 The difference between Peyote and Ayahuasca

26:00 Angel’s experience in a Temezcal (Mexican Sweat Lodge)

26:30 Angel’s first Ayahuasca experience

28:00 Roxo’s time filming a Vice documentary in a strip club in a rural truck stop.

34:00 Living as a brave soul and cultivating more courage.

36:10 Angel asks Roxo if she is in love and we get to hear Roxo’s current experience and why falling in love was different this time.

43:00 What it means to f*ck life like a Goddess....

45:45 Finding God in s.ex.

48:30 Why have we been taught to keep s.ex and God separate?

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