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I just discovered this podcast - WOW - so needed. Thanks!
This episode is so rich with good information about CRT. There is something so heart warming from the humor that pervades these twosome podcasters while at the same time providing the listeners with the insight that comes from two people who have done their homework.

Don’t stop!!!
I absolutely can’t get enough of your podcasts. I love the topics, I love the flow and I love the respect you both give to each other, even when you disagree. Don’t ever stop!!!

Educational and entertaining!
I’ve learned so much from your podcasts thank you! ❤️

Christmas in Color
Thank you for your insightful discussion about the need for Black Christmas and holiday films. JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY is pure magic. We need more. Representation matters. Once you’re on the holiday circuit successfully it means you come back ever year. Thank you for bringing this to attention.

Excited for season 2!
Excellent pod—I listened to all of season 1, and can’t wait to hear what season 2 brings!! Into season 2–and it does not disappoint! Excellent topics, hosts and dialog!!

Steady Listener
I first listened to you on Boston Public Radio. I was excited that there was something for me, a black man, on Massachusetts radio. I was impressed by the candid views on current events and that you are 2 Reverends of the Christian faith. Your BPR segment was so brief, and I yearned for more. I was thrilled to hear you were doing a podcast. You didn’t disappoint me. You both are doing an excellent job. I sent most of my family your podcast information. Thank you for doing this podcast. I pray that more people hear your podcasts. I am a Christian and you open my eyes to different ways to think about certain issues.

Rev it up!
This is an amazingly uplifting and insightful podcast. Listen and learn. The benediction is my favorite part, along with the discussion of intersectionality!

All Rev’d Up
Simultaneously entertaining and informative. These two Revs warmly welcome me, a white straight female baby boomer, into a rarified space of eavesdropping as they banter, (so fun!) enabling my augmented understanding of issues otherwise somewhat inaccessible to me. The Revs model how to respectfully disagree - something of a lost art in the US these days. Excited for Season 2!

I am so glad to see The Revs back for their second season. Congratulations on your Executive Producer roles.

I Approve This Message
I cautiously listen to “the N-word“ podcast, not really knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the conversation.The use of Richard Pryor and Mohammed Ali clips were appropriate to explain the ugly word culturally. This podcast is relevant and necessary for a progressive America.

stories and paths along faith and life in this contemporary world. As a newcomer to this country, some prospectives need to be borrowed, this is a good well to dip from and keep asking the important questions to live and get along! Ashay!

Yes Yes
I have loved these two on Boston Public Radio for years, and always try to get to the radio when they're on. Now they have more time and space to keep it real, be with each other (and us), and inform and delight. Thank you and keep going. (AND I also found the "Preach" podcast through this one, which is great.)

White Episcopal Woman Loves Show
I’ve attended a church in the Boston ‘burbs since dropping out of seminary 20 years ago. I love this show because it gives me an opportunity to hear committed Christians wrestle with topics like the proper role of church and politics, divisions in Christianity (theology, race, sexuality, denomination etc.) and how to live as a Christian with integrity this historical time and place. I am challenged and nourished each episode. Thank you to the hosts your podcast provides bread for the journey.

Thank you!

Great Podcast
A must listen to Podcast.

Worth listening
Revs Irene

Long-time Favorites Have Their Own Podcast!
I am delighted that “The Revs” have their own podcast - I find their spirited discussions enlightening, educational, and satisfying. ❤️

One of my new favorite podcasts
I look forward to this podcast every week. I learn so much and appreciate the hosts’ willingness to dive into difficult topics and conversations. I love the research and nuance integrated into each conversation. Please keep the episodes coming!

Check this out
Reverends Monroe and Price always make me think in new ways about race, faith, and lots of other issues. I look forward to their podcasts.

Thoughtful differences
I enjoy listening to the faith based conversations and different ideas posed on this podcast. The “arguments” are respectful and thought provoking.

Thoughtful and smart
I was introduced to this wonderful duo via their weekly appearance on Boston Public Radio. They bring their own unique perspectives about race, politics, culture and history. They carefully consider their differences with respect, grace and humor. Much appreciated.

I especially appreciated the discussion in episode 2, pointing out that skin color does not define or reveal heritage.

Smart and engaging
I love the interplay and engagement between these two scholars. I’ve always enjoyed their weekly spots on WGBH Radio. I’m thrilled that we get to have longer segments. We need more shows like this. Many more.

What took so long?!
I love listening to you both on WGBH, and so glad you have podcast now. It’s everything I thought it would be.

Kudos to a great first podcast
Love the discussion and the intersectional analysis. Thank you.

I love this Podcast
From a technical point of view your voices are fantastic and a pleasure to listen to. The importance of the discussion of this tragic event is extremely important. Thank you both. God bless you both. Joanne McG of Lowell, MA.

I have to wait 2 weeks??
I love their segments on Boston Public Radio. So happy to hear they have their own podcast. Love to hear their takes and love when they truly have a disagreement, but are respectful of each other’s ideas and opinions.

I’m All Rev’d Up
I’ve been listening to Reverends Monroe and Price each week now for quite some while on Jim and Margery’s show on WGBH. I love how they banter back and forth and hit all points important to the topic between them. Though Reverend Emmett shouldn’t sit back so much. Lol. So I’m excited to continue in this new venue. Congratulations and all the best. John Fazzino Providence, RI