March 24, 2021

Black Utopias

Black Utopias

In this episode of All Rev’d Up, The Revs ask, ‘Can Black utopias unseen invigorate contemporary political thought, and possibly create a post-racist future?’

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All Rev'd Up

Imagine a world where the impossible becomes possible.  Imagine a world where Black and brown people are not burdened with an institution woven with racist fabric. 

Within the history of African American struggle against racism that often verges on dystopia, a hidden tradition has depicted a transfigured world.  Daring to speculate on a future beyond white supremacy, Black utopian artists and thinkers offer powerful visions of ways of being that are built on radical concepts of justice and liberality.  This craved paradise has often been reserved for the big screen in the forms of “Zamunda” and “Wakanda.”