April 1, 2022

Clues from Beyond with Psychic Detective Debbie Malone

Clues from Beyond with Psychic Detective Debbie Malone

Welcome to the future! In this Age of Aquarius podcast episode, internationally acclaimed psychic medium and detective Debbie Malone shares the details of her fascinating line of work assisting law enforcement and private clients in solving murder and missing person cases.

Debbie Malone first developed her psychic abilities after a near-death experience and other life-altering events that set her on the path of communication with the departed. 

By communing with spirits through her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient talents of mediumship, she has assisted with hundreds of law enforcement investigations to provide psychic information for the cases, which she detailed in her books Never Alone and Clues From Beyond. She has also published two other books, Awaken Your Psychic Abilities and Always With You, and five angel card decks to teach people how to tune into their intuitive abilities and connect with the angelic realm. 

Debbie has been voted "Psychic of the Year" twice by the Australian and International Psychic Association in 2005 and 2013. In addition, she regularly appears on television, radio, podcasts, and in the newspaper for her unique work.

Early on in her life, Debbie felt isolated by her psychic abilities. As a child, she could see and sense things other people couldn't, which led her to keep her visitations to spirit a secret.

I do think we are all born with intuition and psychic abilities. Intuition's probably more an acceptable way to speak about it. Children are generally most psychic between 0 to 10. However, once they start school, many realize that maybe not everyone has the same gift.

The lack of information about her gift leads her to write her book, Awaken Your Psychic Abilities, to guide others in exploring their psychic abilities. By learning to embrace her abilities rather than fear them, she could begin helping those in the spirit world.

In 2006, Debbie appeared in the debut season of the actual crime show Sensing Murder. All the cases featured on the show were unsolved. Three psychics would be assigned to each case, and the two with the best information appeared on air.

They would take us into the studio. They would give us a photograph or an item to hold, and we had an hour to tune in, and then that was it. And then, the next day, they would take us to the location. Sometimes we would be blindfolded. We wouldn't know anything about the case, and they would just more or less say, "All right, what do you see?"

In addition to her television work, Debbie also describes times she's had to go undercover for law enforcement and even give a testimonial, making her the first psychic medium ever called to testify in a police case. However, this work is grueling at times, as Debbie must witness firsthand, via her mediumship abilities, the crime that was committed.

"I could become the spirit. I could be the murderer. I would see things through the victim's eyes. I watch it as though I'm watching a movie. It's terrible because you can feel all their fear; you can feel their stress."

To hear more about the details of cases Debbie has worked on, such as the unsolved case of Brett Canter's murder and her spiritual visions about the future make sure to check out the interview. The full-length podcast interview with Debbie Malone is now available for download via Apple, Spotify, or your favorite streaming platform.

To learn more about Debbie's investigative work, book a session with her, or stay up to date about her latest publications, visit the website https://debbiemalonemedium.com/.

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