April 21, 2022

Susan Miller Astrology: Age of Aquarius and Exploring Life's Mysteries

Susan Miller Astrology: Age of Aquarius and Exploring Life's Mysteries

Welcome to the future! In this podcast episode, Jacy Nova joins world-renowned astrologer Susan Miller. She explains the current planetary cycles creating immense social change and paving the way for the Age of Aquarius.

Susan Miller is one of the most well-known astrologers of our time. She launched her website Astrologyzone.com in 1995, and it quickly developed a loyal following, leading her to create a mobile app Daily Horoscope, AstrologyZone, and more, in 2019. Her thorough, lengthy, and thoughtful horoscopes now provide guidance for an audience of over 17 million readers worldwide. Additionally, Susan has published eleven best-selling books, earning her the accolade of one of the most well-respected authorities in astrology, and she writes regular columns for Instyle and Vogue.

In this week's episode, Susan shares her multi-faceted approach to astrology, which bridges the past, present, and future for comprehensive understanding. She describes why she views astrology as systematic math rather than a psychic art and explains how through exact calculations, one gains the ability to move through time, see emerging trends, and make predictions about what's to come.

With math, you can look backward or forwards in time. I can see your life when you were seven. I can see what's coming in 10 years because it's math. It's all a study of the cycles and how the planets are relating to each other.

Susan's enthusiasm describes the influence of a rare planetary cycle that began on December 20th, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn met in the sky. While Jupiter and Saturn align every twenty years, this time was different because, for the first time in over 200 years, the conjunction occurred in an air sign – Aquarius! Susan describes how as a result, all new trends in fashion, literature, music, cuisine, and other social tastes will be influenced by the attributes of Aquarian energy, ushering in a whole new cycle of air signs shaping society.

We're also lucky to be alive during the transfer from the earth age to the air age. Most people live within those 200 years and never get to see anything different, but we are moving into Aquarius, where there'll be the warmth of friendship and working together.

She notes how not too long after this conjunction, the whole world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and describes how the changes introduced Aquarius themes that will continue to emerge, such as remote working, grassroots movements, and collaboration on a new scale. In addition, the pandemic contributed to breaking people out of routines, which created the opportunity for humanity to move in a new direction.

When Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023, Susan expects to see even more technological advances, as this will speed up the coming of the Age of Aquarius and rapidly move the world into a digital age. SUSAN PREDICTS THE WORLD WILL BE QUICKLY CHANGING from AI and self-driving cars to medical technology that removes inherited diseases from DNA. 

Susan advocates for people to continue to educate themselves and stay up to date, citing how she began sharing her work on the Internet because she was following the trends and chose not to be afraid of change. However, Susan does warn again about the spread of misinformation.

Life has gotten more complicated, so we have to be more aware and informed and communicate more.

Luckily, Susan forecasts by the end of 2022; a new cultural renaissance will be emerging. The full-length interview with Susan Miller is now available for download via Apple, Spotify, or your favorite streaming platform. To read your horoscope by Susan for the month, visit her website Astrologyzone.com or download the mobile app Daily Horoscope, AstrologyZone, and More.

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