May 6, 2022

Nodes of Fate and the Power of Magic with Renee Watt

Nodes of Fate and the Power of Magic with Renee Watt

With all the occult modalities gaining interest in the Age of Aquarius, there's no need to pick just one. Renée Watt, whose clients have included Hollywood celebrities, shared with Jacy Nova on this week's episode of the Age of Aquarius podcast about the diverse techniques she brings into her readings and her take on the current astrological influences making this renaissance possible.  

Renée grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and got her first Tarot deck when she was ten years old. Her explorations soon expanded from there. Currently, Renée offers her clients intuitive, Tarot and astrology readings. She also sells magickal items used in spells on her website. However, the boundaries of the spiritual world are not always too rigid.  

Though Renée acknowledged there is some dispute about when the Age of Aquarius officially begins, she noted that the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0° Aquarius in December 2020, followed by the square between Saturn and Uranus throughout 2021, was a significant marker indicating our new trajectory.

"I feel like we had a lot of one step forward, two steps back, especially within our political climate — and so, I feel like we're trying to move away from this place where we're making ourselves stuck because we're so divided. So, hopefully, how this will unfold in the next couple of years is that we'll grow past that, and we'll grow out of that. But, still, it is tough to say exactly how things will unfold because Aquarius energy is unpredictable, and sometimes it moves quickly. So, it could be like, suddenly, everything has changed, and we don't feel prepared for it."

Meanwhile, the Nodes of Fate, also known as the North Node and South Node, recently switched signs from Gemini and Sagittarius to Taurus and Scorpio. Renée pointed out that the intense energy of the South Node in Scorpio could fuel this process of change further. 

"I think that we're going to be digging up kind of the seedy underbelly of politics, and even the corporate world, because Scorpio's the big investigator of the Zodiac signs. And so, with the South Node being in Scorpio, if people have been trying to get away with stuff, they might not be able to. The energy could work where people can get away with stuff too, but it's also going to reveal a lot because it will get to the bottom of the story."

However, Renée mentioned a brighter spot coming up in 2022: Jupiter entering Aries on May 10. 

"I think it's just going to be vital energy and vibe that comes into play. We won't see this energy again, once it's past, for about another 12 years because Jupiter is such a slow-moving planet. So, it's time to embrace, 'What new chapters do I want to get started in my life?'"

Find Renée on Instagram at @rainbowglitterstar, check out her podcast, The Glitter Cast, or visit her website here. To hear the rest of her conversation with Jacy Nova, download the episode via Apple, Spotify, or your favorite streaming platform.