March 4, 2022

Paranormal, Talking to the Dead, and Ghost Hunting with Psychic Medium Natalie Fowler

Paranormal, Talking to the Dead, and Ghost Hunting with Psychic Medium Natalie Fowler

Could the evidence for paranormal forces hold up in a court of law? As a paranormal investigator and psychic medium, Natalie Fowler believes she would be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we're interacting with something intelligent from beyond.

Natalie first began her career as a lawyer and then started writing fiction, focusing on ghost stories and paranormal mysteries, as a creative outlet.

"Little did I know I was writing my own story. I didn't know that I was that psychic at the time that I was writing them — and now, when I look back at those works that I wrote a while ago, I realize that's the work that I'm doing now in my medium work."

Looking back, Natalie acknowledges her childhood imaginary friend might have been a ghost, but it took a long time for her and her mother to finally admit that. In her work as a medium now, she's able to identify the finer distinctions between ghosts and spirits.

"For simplicity, I refer to them as a ghost, which is a soul that's stuck, and a spirit, which is a soul that has gone on to that higher vibration. They actually can come back and visit us, so, on a paranormal investigation, for example, you could have both show up to say hello. There's a difference between those two energies."

Natalie, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is part of Paranormal Services Cooperative, a spirit rescue group that works to clear stuck energy from homes and businesses. Whether her task is clearing a house or conducting a psychic medium session to help people connect with deceased loved ones, Natalie has found her intention to be the most crucial part. 

"For those sessions, I work hard to keep my ego out of it. The way that I connect my energy to someone else's is very intentional so that it's not about what I want to have to happen in that reading — it's about what's in the greatest and highest good of my client. So, for example, if it's not in your greatest and highest good for a loved one to come through, then that won't happen because that's the intention I set."

Each medium receives psychic information in its unique way. For Natalie, content tends to come to her through emotions.

"Our bodies are excellent receivers, so when you feel a loved one come in, sometimes that amount of unconditional love that we're feeling from the other side comes in with so much emotion that our physical bodies can't even process it. It almost causes us to cry, not because we're sad, but just because that unconditional love is so overwhelming, we sort of have to squeeze it out in our tears as a way to process it through our human body."

That said, you don't have to be a professional medium to see signs from loved ones who have passed or to notice the flow of energy in your life. As we move into the Age of Aquarius, Natalie has seen a noticeable change affecting the collective.

"What I see in my practice is, it's almost like two different realities are playing out on Earth. One of the things that I think is the most important with the way these energies have shifted, now that we're in the Age of Aquarius, is that our power of manifestation has amplified. It's so important to keep our thoughts positive because that will keep drawing positive energy into our life. Like attracts like this, and I see that play out in the collective and my personal relationships."

Natalie observed that the disruption of the pandemic had given many people an opportunity to reboot their lives and figure out what was truly important to them. 

"Authenticity is my favorite word right now. I am so excited to see my clients and to see friends and loved ones come into their authentic selves in a way that we haven't before."

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Written by: Eva Sylwester