March 18, 2022

Discover Your Cosmic DNA and Deepen Your Relationships with Dr. Jennifer Freed

Discover Your Cosmic DNA and Deepen Your Relationships with Dr. Jennifer Freed

Welcome to the future! In this Age of Aquarius episode, Dr. Jennifer Freed shares her duel-expertise in astrology and psychology. In her work, she examines how modern trends impact social relationships, especially among teens, and how astrology can guide co-creating a future rooted in love and connectivity rather than greed and separation.

Jennifer is an astrologer, psychologist, and social and emotional education trainer. She has written ten books about personal growth, including Use Your Planets Wisely, Ultimate Personality Guide, and an educational book series, Become Your Best Self

In 1999, Jennifer co-founded the AHA! Program, dedicated to developing character, imagination, emotional intelligence, and social conscience in teenagers, aiming to assist them in setting goals, supporting peers, and serving their community. In addition to being the CCO for AHA!, she is currently a national consultant for EMDR (Post Traumatic Growth Therapies), after previously serving as the clinical director of Pacifica Graduate Institute.

The digitization of the world is reshaping many aspects of our society, but Jennifer’s concern is regarding the challenges teenagers are facing. Mind, body, and spirit are being negatively impacted by our busy modern life and the lack of personal connection through which social and emotional skills are learned. In addition, the lack of safe touch, eye contact, and listening with one's whole body creates disconnection and loneliness.

"Social skills have deeply atrophied, and the body has taken a huge hit, and anxiety and depression are through the roof. . . We've become these robotized cutoff talking heads. And it's been so damaging to all of us and especially people growing up now."

Working with teens and families, Jennifer often turns to astrology as a tool to help people better understand themselves. Certain astrological patterns can reveal emotional issues, repeating patterns, and personal challenges. She uses the chart as a guide to facilitate self-awareness through asking good questions rather than making assumptions or force-feeding people information about themselves.

To Jennifer, astrology is a person's cosmic DNA, which serves as a template or roadmap for their life. In addition, astrology can reveal social, culture, and family influences, but ultimately, she recognizes how the astrological aspects manifest is dependent upon a person's free will.

"We can choose to go off-road. We can choose to speed or crash. We can choose to run out of gas. There are many, many options. But suppose you learn how to do this roadmap with total attention, curiosity and get all the help you need, instead of pretending you don't need directions. In that case, you can have this life being an extraordinary journey in which you keep learning; you keep meeting new people to help you. And it feels like the wind behind your back."

Yet, despite the insight gained through astrology, Jennifer doesn't believe it will be the next new religious trend. Astrology is as merged with religion as it's going to be because the Age of Aquarius will be moving away from the organized religion that dominated the Age of Pisces. The benefits of astrology are that it can get spirituality to a higher level that moves beyond systematic inequalities, such as sexism and racism.

"I think we'll even get beyond astrology. I think that we're going into a whole another dimension. Let's make it on a physical plane. We're going into another dimension of just being this where we don't have to keep segmenting, slicing, and dicing people into categories and stereotypes. I think, in my most far-out vision, we exist, we love, we create, we give our gifts."

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