March 11, 2022

Astrology Hot Takes: Ghislaine Maxwell, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and more with Dana DeFranco

Astrology Hot Takes: Ghislaine Maxwell, Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and more with Dana DeFranco

Whether or not we're really in the Age of Aquarius yet, we have some promising celestial weather to look forward to in spring 2022; astrologer Dana DeFranco tells Jacy Nova on this week's episode of the Age of Aquarius podcast. 

Dana is a co-host of the Allegedly Astrology podcast, which discusses the astrology of current events, including celebrity gossip and true crime. In looking at the charts of public figures, such as Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, Dana has come to notice astrological configurations common to people dealing with similar issues.

"Something interesting that I've noticed is that a lot of men involved with that particular scandal had Venus conjunct Mars. Prince Andrew, Epstein, and Bill Clinton all have it in pretty close conjunction, which is interesting because Venus traditionally represents women, and Mars is sex. It's very reductive, I think, to say that, but that was one that I thought was interesting."

Of course, Dana also sees astrological commonalities clustering in families and friend groups. However, she noted that astrologers don't see themselves as scientists, though some people believe that they do. 

"What I like about astrology is that I feel like it's always so shocking. It's exciting to be an astrologer because it's so exciting when something happens, and it keeps happening."

Though Dana acknowledged that there is disagreement among astrologers about when the Age of Aquarius begins, she said one important marker is the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius that took place on December 21, 2020. 

To get insight into the present, Dana looked back to the previous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in an air sign, which happened in Libra in 1980. Shortly after that, Ronald Reagan made the War on Drugs a significant focus of his presidency.

"I feel like it's the first great war on an abstract enemy, with an abstract idea in mind. I think symbolism is becoming more primary — the primary focus is the symbol, as opposed to a tangible war."

Dana sees this conflict style becoming more prevalent and virtual reality coming to displace the physical equivalent over time. However, in the shorter term, she predicted some in-person excitement for spring 2022.  She pointed out a promising opportunity for dating, whether digitally or in person, even sooner: April 30, 2022, which has a solar eclipse in Taurus and conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Pisces.

"Jupiter and Venus are the two most beneficial planets in astrology, and so, when they're at the exact degree, their energy is combined, and it's ruling this eclipse transit. So it's like, sudden beginnings, sudden endings, and it's just sort of this energy that's sweet, juicy, and happy — and fruitful for the future."

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