Feb. 4, 2022

Looking into the Future of Work, Relationships and the Metaverse with Liselotte Lyngsø

Looking into the Future of Work, Relationships and the Metaverse with Liselotte Lyngsø

Written by: Eva Sylwester

Host Jacy Nova joins futurist Liselotte Lyngsø, a Founding Partner at Future Navigator, a Danish company that provides consulting services to corporate and government clients worldwide.

Liselotte is likely to be one of the most inspiring and enthusiastic persons you will ever meet. Her ability to create powerful images and inspire people to align towards shared goals is mind-blowing. She will spin your head around and show you possibilities, that you never even dreamed of. Her big passion in life is to train people to visualize the future.

"I try to polish the window so decision-makers can decide to go with a clearer vision."

As a futurist, Liselotte tries to imagine what tomorrow will look like. For example, if the metaverse can change how we spend time with each other, it might also alter how we define our most significant relationships.  

"Today, either you're in a relationship, or you're single. I think in the future, we'll have a lot of different relationship categories rather than these two boxes that you can go in – either you are single, or you are settled."

Liselotte also noted a brewing social divide with the potential to grow perhaps even sharper than the chasm between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated: the time owners versus the time slaves.

"More and more people can decide where and how they want to work and when they want to work, they are the time owners, and then you have the time slaves – for instance, healthcare workers that have to be in a hospital at a given time."

Liselotte was careful to clarify the distinction between observing that something is likely to happen in the future and personally being in favor of that outcome.

"If you ask me as a private person, you will get my opinions as a mother of four or as a leader of my company. But, as a futurist, I try to stay apolitical, as neutral as possible."

However, Liselotte noted that we still have the power to shape our future and not be afraid of new technologies.

"When we talk about artificial intelligence, it repeats the patterns that we already have in society. So if we live in a biased society, we're just going to get more of the same. So the important question that remains is what kind of society do we want to create for the future?"

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