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Good info
What a breath of fresh air!

Great serspectives and top-notch guests
Joseph isn’t only a fantastic host, he has amazing guests too. I look forward to his episodes every week!

Great Podcast for Entrepreneurs
Joseph Warren's podcast is a must listen for anyone pursuing entrepreneurship. Top notch guests, informative conversations, extremely insightful.

Love the Motivation
Informative yet inspirational and motivating. Love the message!

Provocative show!
Joseph is on the cutting edge with his show. I look forward to more episodes!

Very powerful
Outstanding podcasts. Not only are they very informative, but the podcasts are powerful as well. Joseph has a great way of brining out the personal aspects of the people he is interviewing.

Great Stuff Even for XX !
I am a fist-time listener to Your First 100K, and as a female... as in XX species... I wasn't sure what to expect or if it would resonate with me. I was blown away at the caliber of the guests, elevated discussions, and extremely useful take-aways of applicable information. I will recommend this podcast to all my friends, including women, because this information and life-lessons are for all of us.

I so enjoyed Justin Janowski's input on Episode #406. It was a homerun hit for me as a new entrepreneur, business owner of the Belonging Collaborative for women professionals, and as a Discernment Coach eager to serve my people with integrity and transparency. Sales is empowering professionals to be and do our best, together!

Love the messaging
Great targeting towards Christian coaches and inspiring stories to help people find success and fulfillment.

Authentic and Transparent
Joseph Warren is authentic and transparent, and so are his guests. It is a breath of fresh air to experience such honesty and real conversations. I highly recommend Joseph’s podcast very highly!

The best
Joseph is a gem of a human. Vibrating with positivity while living a mission to serve the world.

High Value, Great Show
Packed with so many insights and honest conversations. So much great content and diversity of speakers is amazing.

Very insightful!
The First100K podcast covers a multitude of topics, providing insightful information and strategies for entrepreneurs and those looking to kick-start their businesses without losing sight of their core values. A great listen!

Incredible Content and Value
I enjoyed hearing the different highs and lows from speakers on the journey to 100k and begins. The transparency of this podcast is appreciate.

Spot on insight!
Engaging conversations and spot on insights for how to create your first - or next - $100k in your business.

I love the diversity of speakers and topics this podcast covers!

A wonderful show
A deep dive into values, abundance, growth and the struggle for achievement. What really matters in life ... and in business.

Straight to the Point and High Value
If you’re starting a business (or scaling success) the insights in this podcast are the perfect place to get started and continue on your journey.

This content is so relevant!
I've consumed half a dozen YF100K podcasts in the past couple of days and am blown away by the relevancy of the content and guests. Joseph has done a masterful job of curating great guests and asking profound questions.

Peace, purpose, and profit don’t always coincide — yet Joseph successfully demonstrates that these equally vital elements can live in harmony through Your First $100K. We’re all for insights that enable businesses to achieve peak performance and scale ethically. Looking forward to the next episode!

Great job! Looking forward to more….

Insightful and Informative
Your first $100k is one of my favorite podcasts, a wealth of information to help ground me in the ways to grow my wealth and business, but also honoring God. Joseph is so insightful and informative.

Love this podcast! I am hooked. If you don’t listen to this podcast, you are really cheating yourself. Awesome information for people who want to succeed! Ken

I love the guests that Joseph is interviewing and the approach he’s taking to bring out unique conversations that you don’t hear on other shows. Be sure to listen in!

Engaging and inspiring
So many entrepreneur-focused podcasts concentrate solely on the guest’s achievements rather than the value that the guest has to offer the audience. This one is different. A ton of actionable insights that you can apply to your own business right now, and inspiring stories from other folks who’ve gone down the entrepreneur road and racked up a huge amount of success on the way.

A very inspiring show
This is such a great podcast sharing some amazing stories. Joseph does a great job drawing the best from his guests.

Interesting, to the point, and real people
I like podcasts where people share their success, failures, and what makes them tick. This podcast does a great job of keeping it lively and interesting, and uncovering what's important to people who have experienced some success in business. I love the faith aspect, as it also drives my business.

Your first $100K
I listened to a couple of episodes, I find it informative and inspiring

A must listen
Truly providing value in getting people to $100K! Listen to guest experts who share their story and provide tips and advice on how you can start your journey to $100K.

Fantastic show
Joseph asks the direct and insightful questions every new entrepreneur needs to know. Love the conversations surrounding faith and ethically growing your business!