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March 23, 2022

What to Do When Your High Vibe is Under Attack

What to Do When Your High Vibe is Under Attack

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like the Universe keeps hitting you with problem after problem, threatening to suck away your high vibe? I recently experienced one myself and it got me thinking about the choices we’re faced with...

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like the Universe keeps hitting you with problem after problem, threatening to suck away your high vibe? I recently experienced one myself and it got me thinking about the choices we’re faced with when it feels like our vibe is under attack. 


In these moments, you’re being given an opportunity to choose how you’re going to respond to the onslaught of negativity. Which option you choose will determine your reality and how things pan out for you.


In today’s post, I’m going to share my strategy to help you create better outcomes and think more clearly when faced with adversity. 


Read on to find out how to maintain your high vibe - even when disaster strikes - so you can continue onwards towards your goal of becoming more productive and profitable in both your life and business.

When life hands you lemons…


I recently got back from the truly magical mastermind retreat I hosted in Sedona. I got home to the beach, unpacked, and spent a few days getting back into my groove - tennis, working my butt off, and having fun. Then, Thursday morning, I  woke up and my computer would not start. When I finally did get it started, all I had were a bunch of streaky lines. Clearly something was wrong with the screen. It looked like my computer was having a seizure. 


This happened after I’d just pulled the cheetah card, too, which is a spirit animal for fast-acting, aligned focus to get your goals done. I was geared up, ready to go, and excited for my day, but the Universe decided to stop me in my tracks. 


I took a pause and faced the facts. 


Fact: the computer is broken. Fact: I’m going to figure this out. I’m going to book an appointment at the Apple store and I will get through this. 


The breathwork, meditation practice, and grounding work I’d done in Sedona was a base to help me in this very moment. I was proud of myself for staying calm as a cucumber. Then I went downstairs to head to the Apple store, and boom - I see I’ve got a flat tire. 


I won’t get into all of the crazy details of my day that involved a tow truck, an uncooperative tire center, and over five hours spent dealing with tech support at the Apple store, among other things. But what I will say is that the high vibe I’d been riding since returning from Sedona definitely felt under attack. 

Is it a test… or an opportunity?


Each time I was presented with yet another problem on this day, I believe I was being given an opportunity. 


Some people say the Universe gives you tests, but I don't like to think about unexpected issues as tests. The way I think about it - and maybe you'll want to adopt this - is that the Universe gives us opportunities to assess where we're at and where we still need to grow. 


To me, this day was an opportunity to put all of the inner work I’ve done to task. I’ve done work on myself on a soul level, and I help others do the same. 


My own self development and the coaching I provide is so much more than business strategy. To me, that’s the easy part. The challenging part is the reprogramming of your inner world to change your physical reality in your outer world. This is about shifting your inner beliefs to go from high fear to high gear. The only way to do that is to connect with yourself on a soul level and do the work so you can connect with the world from your highest vibrational self. 


This day was an opportunity to choose. I could either rise to the occasion and deal with it all with a positive spirit and can-do attitude, or I could throw my hands in the air and give in to the attack.  


How would you have handled this scenario?

We’ve all had days like this. 


When opportunities pop up to attack your vibe, look at them equally as opportunities to stay in your high vibe. It goes both ways. 


When you feel like something is attacking or potentially impacting you in a negative way, that's when you turn your brain on and you flip a switch and you say, Wait, hold up a second. This is an opportunity to stay in my high vibe. 


Because what happens when you choose to stay in your high vibe is you create better outcomes. You're able to think more clearly. Rather than focusing on everything that’s wrong and allowing your negative energy to prevent you from getting where you need to go, you get to stay calm and collected. You maintain your ability to be creative. You can find alternative solutions. 


The same thing happens in a sales conversation. If you're doing a high ticket sale and you're on the phone it's not going the way you want, it’s then that you have an opportunity to change the outcome. Don’t get angry and frustrated with yourself; it will only block your creativity. And you need that creativity to find alternative outcomes and make that sale. 


So what do you do when you begin to feel overwhelmed?

Take a breath. 


One of my top secrets? 


Take a deep breath. It’s that simple. When you become aware of your breath, connect with it, and breathe consciously, you become present. 


When you can be present with your breath, you can become present with yourself. And that presence allows you to stay calm and stay in the moment. From that mindful space, you can make a choice about the opportunity you’re being faced with. 


A victim believes the Universe is testing them. A hero believes the Universe is giving them an opportunity. Which will it be?


In sales, just as it is in life.


The thing is, before you can get really good at doing this in a sales opportunity, you need to get good at doing this in your everyday life. The next time you're given some sort of opportunity like this, I challenge you to pause, reflect, stay present, and make a shield around your energy so that it's protected. This is to help you stay in your high vibration. Those high vibes are not only going to help you onward and upward in whatever you’re facing in life, but  are also what's ultimately going to attract the leads, prospects, customers, and sales that lead you to your ideal clients and future success.