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Oct. 5, 2022

Understanding & Implementing VIP Days in your Business

Understanding & Implementing VIP Days in your Business

When working with your clients, have you ever stopped to consider not just the best path, but the quickest path, to their desired transformation?   As a service-based business owner, you’re likely used to providing results to your clients over...

When working with your clients, have you ever stopped to consider not just the best path, but the quickest path, to their desired transformation?


As a service-based business owner, you’re likely used to providing results to your clients over weeks or months at a time. But wouldn’t it be incredible - for both you AND your clients - if you could bring their ideal outcomes to fruition in one day?


In today’s new post, I’m diving deep into VIP days - what they are, why they should matter to you, and how you can craft them into mutually beneficial golden opportunities for you and your clients. 


VIP days aren’t just a day - they’re an experience. And I’m going to help you brainstorm how to create your own that are impactful and irresistible. Read on to accelerate your clients’ results while infusing quick cash into your business. 


Now, what happens on a VIP day that makes it so powerful for your client, a VIP day. And sometimes by the way, it's two days, sometimes it's two and a half days, sometimes it's half a day, you get to decide what that looks like for you. 

What are VIP Days?


A VIP day is like a coaching or service session on steroids where your client gets to walk away having achieved the outcome(s) they've been hoping for in just one session with you. Instead of extending your services over time, you help them undergo an accelerated transformation in one day.


Whether you're new to business, or if you've been in business for 10+ years, the way I look at VIP days is twofold: abundant transformation for your client, and a quick cash injection for you and your business. It's a win-win for everyone involved.


VIP days are gold in business because they're literal gold to the business owner, but they're also unparalleled gold to your client.


For example, one of the things I work with my clients on is we identify and overcome limiting beliefs and stories. In a VIP day, it’s basically a mindset day on steroids. In working with me, we've already pre-identified some of your blocks. During our VIP Day together, we are then embarking on a journey to work through them - we go through the focused process of identifying your stories, overcoming them, and shaping + embodying new stories that we create together for you. While this can be done in coaching over time, when it's done in a day, the impact is truly amazing. It's such a relief because you're no longer waiting to continue to work through this; you have an end result. By choosing a VIP Day as a client, you have a defined time where you know you will get to walk away with answers. And that feels really good.


When you provide a VIP Day for your client, you help them achieve something that would normally take weeks or months to achieve, but you achieve it in a day, while giving them your full attention as your VIP. 


By the way - If you hate calling it a VIP Day, no problem, call it whatever you want. I actually call it a “Breakthrough Day” with my clients. The concept is the same; brand it as you wish in line with your own business. 

Examples of VIP Days


This week, I'm hosting a VIP day for one of my clients who I've been working with for about a year now. She's coming to Charleston to meet with me at the beach, and I’ve crafted a VIP Breakthrough Business Day for her. She wants to create a business plan to really set herself up for success for 2023, and she’s going to work with me to formulate an entire strategy to prepare for the year ahead. If we were doing this in a coaching package, we’d be working week to week, or meeting maybe every other week, so this big business plan could take a really long time to create. So we decided, why not just sit together for a day and accelerate her results? It's a total win. 


Here are some other examples:


If you're a graphic designer and you're creating a branding package for someone, the back and forth can be annoying. Why not do it in a day? I find that when you're in a service based industry, the back and forth can be a major time waster. It's also an energy drain because it's frustrating when you're waiting to hear back and then the client wants, like 600 changes. And then you have to explain that there's only this many revisions, etc. That back and forth can be cut out when you accelerate the path to your clients success by doing it in a chunk of time. 


If you are a copywriter writing a website’s text or launch copy for someone, perhaps you can knock it all out with your client in a day, rather than going back and forth with questions and revisions over a week or month. 


I've been on the receiving end of VIP Days, multiple times, myself. I recently did a nutrition + health + wellness kind of VIP day where someone came to me. She helped me clean out my kitchen pantry, took me grocery shopping, helped me identify meals and recipes that we cooked together, and taught me new cooking techniques to make things simpler and more accessible for my skill level. We also worked through my stories of “I don’t know how to cook” so I could gain confidence as a competent home chef. It was useful, and so much fun. 


Remember, VIP Days are not just a day, they’re an experience. This isn’t about sitting in front of a computer with someone for 8 hours - no one wants to do that. You are there to help your client get out of their head, gain clarity, and make breakthroughs. Get creative in how you can achieve your mutual goals in your time together like the nutrition day I had. A part of my client’s Breakthrough Day will include a visit to my favorite Wellness Center where I’ll take her to her first cold plunge, into the sauna, and to compression therapy. This will clear the headspace for us to then craft breakthroughs for her 2023 business plan. 

Brainstorming VIP Days for your business


When I started my business back in New York in 2013, I discovered VIP Days by accident. I don't even know that they were called VIP Days. I had a client come to me and she said, “I have this big contract I'm working on and I need your help learning how to sell right away. I need help creating the proposal, asking for my price, and landing this deal.”


Basically, she had the opportunity of a lifetime. And she knew that if we continued to work together week to week, that we would eventually get there, but she needed more than what was accomplishable over time. She needed it right then. So I listened to what she needed, and I crafted an offer based on her needs.


This is exactly what you need to do, too. You need to listen to what your clients need, and then you can craft an offer based on those needs and their level of urgency in achieving those goals. 


For that first VIP Day client of mine, I crafted an offer that would teach her how to create her irresistible offer, how to create her contract, time with me to practice  & roleplay her pitch,  and ultimately help her to walk away feeling confident in her ability to land the deal. She invested $5,000 at the time in me as a newbie business owner for this VIP Day. Of course, it took me some prep time to create auxiliary information, strategy sheets, etc. But those were things that I could reuse in my business later. And guess what? She got the deal. And the deal that she closed on was over $100k in revenue, and life changing to her business. That VIP Day was a win-win for us both. 


So when you think about creating an irresistible offer of your own VIP Day, it doesn't matter if you're brand new to your business or if you've been doing this for 10 years. What matters is your ability to get your clients results. If you can get your clients results, and you can offer them the transformation that they're seeking, then you can charge for that value. And you can charge an expedited fee to make it happen right away.


What do you currently do that takes time for your clients that could be done at an accelerated rate? If you had XYZ information, could you do it faster? Could you speed your clients’ results? If you were able to collaborate with your client one on one, what could you achieve faster, quicker, better? 


Determine what those services are. Then brainstorm about the type of experience you could create that could get your clients excited to speed up their outcomes with you. 


What your irresistible offer looks like? What does the experience that you're creating look like? What does your ideal VIP Day look like? Because people aren't just paying for the service. They're paying for the memorable experience. Maybe it involves you putting the person up in a fancy shmancy hotel and working from that hotel room, and perhaps a really cool Airbnb. Maybe you work from the beach, or another creative space related to your industry. It can be so many different things. Open your mind to the possibilities, and think about what would feel transformational to your clients. 


What's the quickest path to your clients’ transformation? And how can you get them there? How can you get them out of their head and into an experience that creates the ultimate day, the ultimate memory, and the ultimate outcome? That's what it's about.

But how do you sell that?


VIP Days are a great way to add $5k or $10k to your business in a day. The truth is, many entrepreneurs charge up to $25k a day for a VIP day, I'm just throwing out the $5k to $10k range because most of my clients that I work with at the moment are charging somewhere in that range for their VIP Days. That's why I've said it's a great way to add a cash injection to your business. VIP Days create money on demand, and they are a great way to give your clients the results that they need right now.


 So you might be thinking, I have these great offers,  I offer packages, and I've been raising my prices. I'm working on my money stories, but how do I create something that someone would really want to buy for such a higher price point in one swoop? The answer: It's all about creating that irresistible offer. 


When you create the price, the price is based on the value - it's not based on you or your worth. It's based on the value that you are going to deliver to your clients. You need to have a ton of confidence in what you offer to your clients. And by the way, if you're already charging $2k - $5k for a package, you already have clients who are paying that amount of money. Now, you can have them pay it for a day's worth of work with you. Here’s where you determine what it’s worth to them.  What is the value to your clients to get the information, skills, knowledge, expertise they need quickly? What is that worth for them to have it right now, rather than over time?


Think about it. When you want something delivered fast, you pay extra for expedited shipping. The concept of paying extra for accelerated results is not new. People will pay extra to get results that they want right away, because that's part of the value. 

Diving deeper


I do have a course on creating and selling VIP Days, though it's not really easy to find. But if you're interested in it, just DM me on Instagram and I'll make it available to you. I'm going to be updating it soon and really throwing in the whole enchilada because I've been doing these now for pretty much a decade and have become a master at both delivering and selling them. And I love teaching you how to make VIP Days happen in your business. So many of the Mastermind clients who I work with closely have not only experienced a VIP Day with me, but also have been selling and or crafting their offers to sell as VIP Days, too. 


Up next, I will share with you what you need to think about in order to sell these VIP days, how you can feel confident in your pricing, how you can ask for the sale, and how you can create the outcome that you're hoping for. But first, you need to know what it is you're selling. So take some time this week, to really unearth and craft the ultimate VIP Day experience for your clients.