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Oct. 6, 2021

The Powerful Growth Strategy Most Business Owners Avoid

The Powerful Growth Strategy Most Business Owners Avoid

Is there something that you've been holding back on in your business because of fear?    Is there something in your past that you were afraid of, but then eventually decided to try and it turned out really well?   In today’s episode,...

Is there something that you've been holding back on in your business because of fear? 


Is there something in your past that you were afraid of, but then eventually decided to try and it turned out really well?


In today’s episode, I talk about a strategy that helped me grow my business to six figures in less than six months. And it can help you grow your business as well. But, the ironic part is that this particular strategy is one that I almost avoided because of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. That’s why I really want to share it with you because it’s so powerful and I consider it one of the elements that I attribute so much of my early success to. 


Thanks but no thanks. Almost the biggest missed opportunity of a lifetime.

In 2013, I was at a tennis clinic and started chatting with one of the other players, Conrad. Conrad told me that he was a leader in a networking meeting (not to be confused with network marketing) and that networking had the power to change the trajectory of my business. 


He invited me to attend (the golden ticket) and told me there would be about a hundred people - entrepreneurs, salespeople, other people trying to grow their business and all I had to do was show up to this big grand ballroom in New York City. But the thought of standing up in front of those hundred people, telling about myself, what I do, and who I want to meet, terrified me. And, because I was so scared, I said thanks, but no thanks. 


What would you do? Would you be in or out?


Conrad knew that this meeting had the potential to change my business and my life. He must've invited me 6 to 10 times over the next couple of weeks. And each time, I came up with an excuse as to how/why I was busy at 7 AM on a tuesday morning...every week. Until, finally, one day I accepted the invitation and I walked into the networking meeting. Shaking and terrified at the thought of standing in front of that many people, I gathered courage . And that day changed my business forever. 


The Misconception About Networking

You might be thinking that at these networking events, people are only there to sell their products and services to potential customers. That they’re salesy, slimy, icky... That’s what I thought too. But I almost missed out on an opportunity that changed my business because of this preconceived notion of what networking events are. 


But, after that very first meeting, I was hooked. I joined the group, became a leader in the group, and eventually left the group to start my own networking group that grew to more than 40+ members who showed up every week in person. And most importantly, we passed millions of dollars of referral business and yes, we tracked all of it!


The power of Intentional Networking

What does networking get you?

Why is it so powerful?

How does it work? 


When you're in a group of people who have been selected by the networking leader, you are all there for a reason. You're all there because you have some sort of matching energetic vibe. You have businesses that are complementary to each other. You are able to give each other advice, referrals and real support. Imagine being in a networking group with people who have all different zones of genius and they're willing to share their zone of genius. 


When I started my business, I was able to get meetings with people who were, at that point, way far ahead of me in business. They were able to give me advice that I never would have been able to have access to would it not have been for being a member of that group. Because those people who were earning seven figures, multiple seven figures at the time, would never have sat down with someone like me if I wasn't in their networking group. But the fact is we were all accepted into a group together which created instant connection and a shared desire and intention to help each other. 


How’s Your Current Network?

The difference between a networking group and an online community or a mastermind group that you might already be in is that in the networking group, people actually want to meet one another. And there are scheduled meetings, one-on-one meetings, and small group meetings where you can meet each other. 


In addition to that, if you're in the right networking group, people show up with an intention to give. They show up with an intention to give advice, to give value, to give help, to give connections, and to expand their network. And that's what you can get as well. I realized that when you surround yourself with people who are doing great things, it makes it easier for you to do really great things. 


The power of your network can change the growth of your business. In just one meeting, if you know the right people, they can connect you with the other right people as well. And those people can turn into customers, referrals, and they can turn into business or affiliate partnerships. Even lifelong friends. 


The Real Power Power of Networking

But the power of networking and the online business world is so understated. For years, I lost touch with that power because I've just not seen it done well in any online community that I'm in - communities that came with courses, communities that came with templates and other programs, mastermind communities, and coaching communities. 


Being a part of a networking group where you show up intentionally to help the other members of the group, and they show up with an intention to help you is so powerful. It can change the trajectory of your business. It can change the trajectory of your life. And knowing this, for the past couple of years, it's been on my heart to create a global networking group of some kind. 

When I first moved to Charlotte, I was going back to New York City every single week  because I was making so much money from networking that it was in my best business interest to continue to go back to lead the group I was leading.  I was flying back and forth every week for a year until it eventually wore me out and I had to pick up my business elsewhere. 

Since then, it's been on my heart to start a group like this again because I know what this can create for entrepreneurs like you. And I know how this could help people grow their business faster, more efficiently, more effectively, and in a really fun way. That's why I created CEO Club (yes, you’re invited!)


Your Personal Invitation to Growth Acceleration

I'm going to tell you a little bit about CEO Club because it would be selfish of me to create this group and not share it with some of my most loyal podcast listeners. CEO Club is an online global networking group.  It's not in person. It’s all online where I'll be facilitating breakout sessions and small group connection sessions. You’ll get access to networking sessions where you can meet other amazing entrepreneurs, where you can meet people who want to connect you with potential customers, where you can meet people who want to connect you with the vendors that you're looking for, people that want to do JV affiliates and where you can meet amazing people who could become not just business connections, but lifelong friends. 


The first step to get into the CEO Club, is to apply. You can go to ceoclub.vip/apply. And do me a favor, in the section that asks you who referred you, since you listened to my podcast and you heard it here, choose my name. Then, when you get there, if you’re an entrepreneur, that’s a perfect place for you where you can significantly help your business grow. 


The Bottomline

No matter what you choose, whether you choose to apply to the CEO Club, or you choose to find a networking group in your community, I just hope that you'll give networking a chance in some way. And networking beyond the way that you're likely doing networking right now in your online groups because intentional networking, where you surround yourself with the right people who can both buy and refer your services, who can recommend you to other people, who can become your best salesforce on the planet, can literally change your life and your business. It changed mine.