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March 16, 2022

How Your Beliefs Impact Your Sales

How Your Beliefs Impact Your Sales

Whenever you step into a sales-related interaction with a client, you’re bringing more to the table besides just your offer. Our experiences in life shape us into who we are, forming beliefs that we not only carry into our interactions with others,...

Whenever you step into a sales-related interaction with a client, you’re bringing more to the table besides just your offer. Our experiences in life shape us into who we are, forming beliefs that we not only carry into our interactions with others, but also transfer onto them, most often unconsciously.  


So the question is, are your underlying beliefs, perspectives, and view of the world making your clients want to tell you yes or no?


In today’s post, we’re digging into the unspoken aspects of selling that are impacting your results far more than you may realize. 


Read on to find out how you can better create a collective experience with your clients that gets them buying into whatever you’re selling. Want to get your sales mojo back? This one’s for you!

Is it cold out here, or is it just me?


If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you may have seen me walking on my home beach the other day, sharing a funny observation. There I was, walking the beach dressed for winter weather - pants, thick socks, a sweatshirt, and - yes - a fluffy hat. 


As I got to the sand, I looked around and realized I was surrounded by Spring Break tourists, all wearing shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuits, dressed for summertime weather. 


We were all on the same beach, experiencing the same March day, feeling the same 52°F, and yet, we were reacting to it from wildly different perspectives. 


As someone who lives here year-round, I have become acclimated to this particular climate and for me, this was a chilly winter day. For the tourists, no doubt visiting from cold weather places like New York City, the presence of sunshine and temperatures over 50°F (if only barely), felt like the warmth they’ve been dreaming of.

Our experiences shape us. 


As you can see in the example above, while we humans are all participating in a collective experience, we are also all having our own individual experiences within that container. Based on our individual history of experience, we have varying perspectives that cause us to react and respond to life in different ways. 


This is important to remember when it comes to sales. When you show up to a sales related interaction, you bring all of your past history of success, failure, thoughts, and beliefs along with you because they are subconsciously embedded into your body. 


Take your money beliefs, for example. If you grew up hearing “money doesn't grow on trees” and you have to work really hard to make more money, your brain may be repeating to you on a loop (one that you’re not fully aware of) that you’re not working hard enough and that you don’t deserve the money you are making. And that, whether you like it or not, is coming through in your interactions with your clients. 

Are your beliefs translating into yeses or nos?


In sales, your beliefs are the most transferable energy. You are projecting them onto your clients and those beliefs are either getting them to give you a resounding Yes! or are actually repelling them from buying. 


If you don’t inherently believe that you can make the sale, that you deserve to make the sale, your clients won’t believe it either. 


This isn’t a conscious thing, unfortunately. It requires some inner work to uncover your stories, bring them to light, and make shifts to them, if need be. I can teach sales strategy to my clients all day (and I do!), but until we go deeper and discover what’s truly holding them back from making sales - from leveling up - and work to release everything that’s not serving them, they’ll still ultimately be held back in their results. This is what I call the unspoken aspects of selling.

The unspoken aspects of selling 


Being successful at sales requires a combination of skills and mindset. Having a great offer is one thing. Being able to communicate your great offer to an ideal audience is another thing. Those are important. But you must also then be able to show up as your true, authentic self, having released your negative beliefs that were preventing you from presenting your offer with confidence, in order to get the results you’re seeking. That’s where the sales magic happens.


You and your client show up to your interactions with different life experiences, knowledge, and beliefs. You cannot control what your prospect or your client shows up with; that’s their experience. But what you can control is where you’re at mentally, and what energy you’re projecting onto the interaction. 


You have the ability to create a container for your interaction that makes space for a shared, positive experience - one that leads to sales. Once you’ve done the inner work, you can bring your confident energy to the table, checking your thoughts and shifting your focus instead onto your client. You can then take the time to figure out where they’re at, what they value, and how you can form a connection from there. What’s the common ground? How can you create a mutually beneficial outcome?


On the flip side, if you unknowingly project your self-sabotaging beliefs such as a victim mentality, or a scarcity mindset, it’s not going to lead to a sale. It’s not going to allow your brain to focus on your client because it’s too busy thinking of all the ways you’re not going to succeed. And believe me - your client is going to pick up on that. 

What energy are you bringing with you to your sales calls?


What frame of mind, what perspective, what model of the world are you bringing with you to your sales calls? What about when you show up online? 


Our bodies are like a machine, and machines all need to be recalibrated at times. They need to be checked on, oiled, and optimized for better performance. This is what self-development and seeking out the right coaches and mentors is all about. That’s why you’re here, reading this post and listening to my podcast. You value the maintenance of your “machine.”


On my recent retreat to Sedona, I facilitated exactly that. I created a safe container for attendees to empty out the crap that’s built up in their bodies - both physically and mentally - and has been weighing them down. Trauma, emotions, frustrations, and all that other stuff that accumulates over time needs to be released in order for you to show up as your highest self. 


If you’re someone who is looking to get their sales mojo back, and is someone who wants to show up better, not just for themselves, but for their friends, family, and clients, then perhaps a recalibration retreat is for you. I’m hosting a second retreat called Sage Your Soul in Sedona that’s all about helping you step away from your routines to experience the ultimate mind, body, spirit reset. 


If you feel called to join, reach out to me on Instagram via DM. The spaces are limited and filling up quickly. 


In the meantime, grab that journal and take some quiet time to begin to uncover your beliefs as they relate to sales and money. Then assess - are these beliefs serving you? Or could they potentially be getting your clients to say no?


Mindset matters and investing in uncovering what lies beneath yours is invaluable. Believe in your ability to succeed and others will too.