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June 1, 2022

Dreading your Workday? Discover Where You Might Be Out of Alignment in Your Biz

Dreading your Workday? Discover Where You Might Be Out of Alignment in Your Biz

Do you wake up every day and love what you do? Or do you feel a sense of dread to face your workday?   If you’ve been feeling unhappy working in your business for a while now, that means you’re out of alignment. It may be with your business...

Do you wake up every day and love what you do? Or do you feel a sense of dread to face your workday?


If you’ve been feeling unhappy working in your business for a while now, that means you’re out of alignment. It may be with your business as a whole, or you may just be misaligned with certain aspects of what you do. But the fact is, operating out of alignment blocks abundance and can lead to dis-ease in your body. 


In today’s post, I’ll show you how to identify misalignment in your business, and share the shifts that can happen when you reconnect with what truly lights you up. 


Read on and let’s get you realigned in your business so you, too, can wake up each day feeling excited and in love with what you do!

Are you in alignment with your business? 


Back when I used to work a nine to five, I remember loving it in the beginning. But towards the end, the job was so out of alignment with who I was and what I wanted to be doing that I dreaded going to work every day. I would get on that subway crossing from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and I just pictured myself going through that tunnel and getting out of Hell. 


And that's so terrible. For what ended up being a full year of my life, I was miserable in my work. But the truth is, it was my choice to stay in that job. I was the only person forcing myself to stay there. It paid well, and it felt so safe and secure - a quality that traps many of us in jobs we don’t like because it feels easier than taking that leap. 


But what happens when you DO take that leap and finally become an entrepreneur, then a year, 2 years, or 5 years into your business, you start to feel the same way? You wake up and you're like, wait a minute. I don't love the thing I'm doing. Now that’s even  scarier to admit to yourself. 

Feeling out of alignment as an entrepreneur


Many of my clients in the past couple of months have made major shifts in their businesses. Through our work together, while digging deeper in their souls, they realized what they’d chosen was no longer fueling them to the extent they desired.  Their internal alignment - how they felt on the inside - and their external alignment - how they were showing up in their outer worlds - weren’t flowing together. And these two aspects of yourself must go hand in hand. 


Often as entrepreneurs, we don’t start out feeling this way. We become entrepreneurs to create freedom. But then we need cash flow, and sometimes we take on things that we don’t really love to help fund our businesses. Sound familiar? You do one thing, then another, then another, and pretty soon, you’ve locked yourself up into a place where you're obligated to do all these things you don't like doing. You feel like you’re stuck spinning your wheels in your business and just like that, you’re out of alignment. 

What happens when we’re out of alignment


When things in your life are out of alignment, they literally create pain in the body. I am a true believer that the body keeps the score. I see so many entrepreneurs who have built their businesses and they are working their asses off, and they are literally in pain. Their bodies, like their businesses, are out of alignment. That’s why it’s called disease - it’s a feeling of dis-ease.


When you’re in alignment, things flow. You feel alive, vibrant, creative, and inspired. You’re in tune with your intuition and the world can see it. Clients are drawn to you and want to buy from you because they can feel your passion, your alignment. 


When you’re out of alignment, things fall apart and require far more effort and energy than ever before. You’re subject to overthinking. You feel stressed. You struggle more on a daily basis to get things done and connect with clients. You may even be subconsciously sabotaging your sales. You don’t want to do the thing, so you find ways not to sell the thing. 

How to assess where you may be misaligned


If you're feeling out of alignment in your business, first things first: admit it to yourself and understand that it’s ok. In order to figure out what feels right, you must first accept what doesn’t feel right. 


Then, understand that it’s not all or nothing. Just because you feel out of alignment doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your entire business that isn’t working. It could be that you feel an alignment in most of your business, but some things, maybe the things that aren’t selling or the things you’re consistently avoiding because they annoy you, are the parts that are out of alignment. 


Take a step back and actually analyze it. What doesn’t feel right to you? What bothers you most in your business? What are you avoiding? Is it the whole thing? Or is it just some things? 


If it's some of the things, identify what they are so you can get the help you need in re-tooling them, whether that’s with a coach or by outsourcing. But if it feels more like your whole business that is no longer in alignment with your desires, know that it’s entirely possible to realign and reimagine what you’ve created and turn it into something new - Your Business 2.0. I’ve helped two clients do exactly this over the past few months and they’ve completely shifted what they’re doing for far greater joy and success. 

Find what gets you fired up


In order to figure out what you love, you first need to figure out what you don't love, especially in business. Expose yourself to all the things you could potentially do - every option, every opportunity - feel out what ignites your passion.  


The thing you're most passionate about is likely going to be the thing that, because you're passionate about it, you excel at. This allows you to help others at a higher level because you’re doing what you do best.  


This naturally leads to more sales because you’re putting your best forward, and customers want to buy from people who they can sense are in alignment. Sales - and thus, profit - become incredibly easy when you're in alignment. It's that simple. 


Don’t waste time hating what you do


If you are doing something that you hate and you're doing that thing 40, 50, 60 hours a week, that's a lot of time spent on something you don't like to do. 


If you're out of alignment, how are you going to bring abundance into your life? I'm not just talking about an abundance of money. I'm talking about an abundance of fun, an abundance of impact, an abundance of laughter, of love, of life. 


Don’t let fear of the unknown, or worries about the opinions of others stop you from making the shifts needed to get back into alignment in your business. 


Business should be fun. It should flow and be something you're excited about. Easy and torture free. You’re the founder and CEO of your business. Go build something that makes you happy. 

Looking for help getting back in alignment?


If you're feeling stuck and out of alignment - if all of this felt incredibly familiar and relatable - then please seek help. It doesn't have to be this way.

This month, I am opening up two coaching spots. I don’t typically take on many one-on-one clients, but if you’ve always wanted to work with me directly, I'm at a place now where I can open up space for a couple new people. If that is something you're interested in, make sure you DM me on Instagram. Let's talk about it and see if it's a good fit. There's no pressure. We have to both be in alignment. That's the key.