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Jan. 4, 2023

Avoid This One Thing that Could Prevent you from Achieving your Goals in 2023

Avoid This One Thing that Could Prevent you from Achieving your Goals in 2023

Have you ever tried to drive around on a flat tire? It’s a pretty useless endeavor that requires a whole lot of effort for very little progress.    It’s no way to drive, nor is it any way to start a new year. Literally, or...

Have you ever tried to drive around on a flat tire? It’s a pretty useless endeavor that requires a whole lot of effort for very little progress. 


It’s no way to drive, nor is it any way to start a new year. Literally, or metaphorically. 


In today’s new post, I want you to pull over, take a pause, and do an energy check with me before you launch too far into 2023. I’m going to ensure you’re not being dragged down by heavy energy carried over from 2022 that could prevent you from hitting your goals at full speed. 


Read on to learn how your outcomes are directly impacted by the energy & frequency that you bring to whatever it is you're trying to achieve, and how you can take more effective action from a high vibe state.  

When a year-end review leads to a shame spiral…


I have to share something with you. As you know, New Year's was this past weekend. And over the weekend, I did what I normally do, which is I started to write out my accomplishments to end the year, really thinking through and honoring what I’ve achieved. As I wrote that list, which was long and mighty, I also got really hard on myself about what I didn't achieve. 


Have you ever done this? You set a goal at the beginning of the year, and then by the end, when it didn't come to fruition, you get down on yourself and that leads to a shame spiral. The thoughts in your head fall down the rabbit hole into a very negative space. 


That’s where I found myself. And the thing is, I actually did really well last year. In fact, 2022 was my best year in business yet. But instead of focusing on all the amazing things that I did achieve and all of the incredible achievements I helped my clients attain, all I was focused on was the fact that I didn't hit this uber crazy, pie in the sky goal that I had set for myself the year before. 


Can you relate? Have you ever done this to yourself where you don't celebrate the thing you “should” be celebrating because it's just never good enough for you? Do you find yourself constantly moving goalposts? If so, you’re not alone. It's a common thing that really high achieving entrepreneurs do. But here's the thing:


If you go into this year, bringing the baggage from last year, bringing those feelings of not good enough, it’s not going to serve you. It’s like trying to climb uphill while carrying a backpack filled with bricks. You might eventually get where you’re trying to go, but it's going to weigh you down along the way, taking more time, energy, and effort to get there.

It’s time to take an energetic pause


Before you get too far into this year, I want you to really check in with your energy. Are you carrying around any heavy energy from last year? Are there any emotions or disappointments weighing on you still?


It's okay if it exists, but you have to acknowledge it and accept it before you can move on from it.


If you’ve got negative energy from any lingering resentments from last year, it’s time to free yourself. Freeing yourself - taking off that backpack of bricks - is a choice. You can put it down, and one by one, you can put the things away in their place where they need to go.


It may take some time, it may take some energy, it may take some effort, but once you've let go of that unnecessary baggage, you're going to feel so much lighter. You’re going to be able to move at speeds you never realized when you were so weighed down. 

How to unpack


Freeing yourself doesn't mean you just shut it down and move on. Your feelings are real and I'm not asking you to ignore them - I'm asking you to unpack them. And there's a difference. When you unpack something, you take a look at it, you analyze it, you receive the lessons learned, and then you put it away. You thank it, and you put it in its place. And that place may be somewhere off your back. You'll be amazed at the freedom, the possibility, the abundance, and the joy that will come your way.


As I began to unpack my own suitcase, and to forgive myself for not achieving exactly what I wanted to achieve, I was finally able to recognize all of my amazing achievements. I felt my breath and my energy shift. I was hit with fresh inspiration. And I want the same shift for you. 


Check in with your energy and determine if you're carrying any baggage that you need to let go of. If you are, take some time to reflect and journal, then seek support and guidance. 


It's often really hard to see yourself from your own perspective, which is why coaches are so important because they offer that outside perspective. Coaches can mirror for you what they're seeing. And if you work with someone you trust, then they can help you see what it is that you're unable to see within yourself. 

3 Resources to Kick Start your 2023


Get Coaching from Me


If you want to work with me, I have an amazing methodology that I use to uncover what stories are holding you back or limiting you. I use the power of breath along with other strategies that help my high level clients rewrite their story’s ending. 


Right now, you may be playing a story in your head over and over again. It's time with the new year, this new portal that we've entered into, to turn the page and begin a new chapter. Perhaps it's time to begin a new volume. And in order to do that, you need to let go of these old stories. In my coaching process, I can help you to forgive yourself, reframe your mindset, and begin to take action on your new goals from a place of high vibe + high frequency. 


Remember: Your outcome is directly impacted by the energy and the frequency that you bring to whatever it is you're trying to achieve. 


If you’d like coaching from me, you can DM me on Instagram to chat more @jengitomer 

Download My Monthly 4 Intentions One Pager


As a fresh & free resource for you, I broke down goal achievement into four main categories for each month, called The 4 Intentions. Once you achieve these four main categories, then everything else will fall into place.


You can get the free one pager at jengitomer.com/4intentions


Once you begin this process each month, be sure to tag me. I would love to see what you want to achieve and intend to do so I can cheer you on and route my vibrational energy your way.  

Inquire about Joining my Mastermind


In other big news in terms of the support I offer for high achievers like you, I am opening the doors to my mastermind. I have a couple of spots available, and would love to chat with you about it more if that interests you. 


In this mastermind, I help women create multiple six figure businesses without the hustle in an aligned, loving, soulfully caring way. And we have so much freaking fun doing it. 


You get coaching with me one on one, and group coaching alongside the other members of the mastermind. You get a community of amazing women to bond with - actual people who want to collaborate, not compete, and lift each other up. You also get to attend in person retreats specifically for the mastermind. This opportunity is all about getting the exact kind of support that entrepreneurs need to accelerate their momentum and their business’ growth for 2023.


If this is something that you feel called to, please send me a DM on Instagram. I am not a high pressure person, and I will not push you into this. If you're interested in talking about it, we will set up a call to see if it's a good fit. And if it's not a full body YES from you, then guess what? I'm not going to ask you to move forward. I only want to serve people in this program in this container who really want to be there. 


The members  from this past year have made amazing strides. One woman is well on her way to 500k. Another woman grew her business from $16k a year to $92k. Another woman keeps having her biggest cash months yet. But it's not just about making money. That part's easy. It's about upgrading your mindset to a whole new level. It's about creating a business that works for you, not the other way around. It's about having fun. It's about creating new friendships, new bonds, and finding your soul sisters. 


Let me know you're interested in the mastermind, and let's have a chat about it. I'd love to see if it's a good fit for you. I'd love to see you there. I'd love to help you grow. I'm only taking on a few new people. I keep this group small because the members all get a lot of my personal time and energy, and I'm careful with where that energy goes. 

Here’s to your success in 2023! Visualize that backpack on your back and see if it's filled with feathers or full of bricks, and go activate your success frequency.