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Sept. 14, 2022

3 Soul-Shifting Themes You Can Adopt From Our Retreat

3 Soul-Shifting Themes You Can Adopt From Our Retreat

Greetings from beautiful Sedona!    I just wrapped up hosting this year’s 3-day Sage Your Soul retreat, and I have so much to share with you while it’s fresh in my mind.    We covered a lot of ground during our time together...

Greetings from beautiful Sedona! 


I just wrapped up hosting this year’s 3-day Sage Your Soul retreat, and I have so much to share with you while it’s fresh in my mind. 


We covered a lot of ground during our time together (both literally up a mountain and figuratively #soulwork). There were three themes, in particular, that kept coming up throughout the retreat. 


These themes are 100% relevant to business owners everywhere, not just those who were in attendance, which is why I prioritized writing this post  just for you while I’m still in the desert. 


In today’s new post, I’m giving you three themes you can focus on in your own life + business to help you spring forward into the growth you’ve been seeking. 


Read on to get a peek into my process in leading my retreat’s intentional program of digging deep, letting go, and regaining inspiration for a better balanced business that supports the life you want to live. 

About Sage Your Soul


Sage Your Soul is a three and a half day retreat that I host in the transformative setting of Sedona, Arizona. 


It's all about going deep within your soul, letting go of the things that are holding you back, and regaining a sense of purpose and direction to pursue the goals you have for your life and business. It's an intentional program where we release what's no longer serving you, call in and define exactly what it is you want to create, and then help you figure out how to make that happen. 


Though taking time away from your business can feel scary at first, it’s incredible to see what can happen when you give yourself three and a half days to focus on yourself. So often we need to step back - retreat - in order to spring forward. 

3 powerful themes from this year’s retreat


There were three themes that kept playing out over the last few days on the retreat. These themes are relevant to business owners everywhere because they play a direct role in not just your business, but in your life as well. They impact what you want to call in, and the rate at which you call it in.  


  • Community


Do you ever feel like you’re stranded on an island, or alone in the middle of the desert when it comes to your business? It’s the crappiest feeling on the planet. But you don’t have to be a solopreneur and feel like you’re all alone in what you’re pursuing. 


A big part of the retreat’s set-up is structured to create a community for you where one’s been missing up until now. There are so many opportunities on retreat to connect, collaborate, and support one another, and bonds that will stand the test of time long after the retreat is over are formed quickly. 


Cultivating a community you can count on in your business will allow you to go further, to go stronger, to feel more more vulnerable, and to experience more joy. 

  • Boundaries


Do you have non-negotiables in your business? I look at boundaries as non-negotiables, and they’re so incredibly important to put in place. 


On the retreat, we dig into how your business may have become the focal point of your life and what boundaries need to be put in place to protect it from becoming all consuming and leading to burn out. 


Taking time for yourself on a regular basis helps you create a stronger foundation for your business to thrive.

  • Positioning


Does your life currently support your business? Chances are, you likely got into entrepreneurship to create a lifestyle centered around freedom. But so many of us get lost along the way in the hustle to achieve. And the hustle will only get you so far.


A big part of the design of retreating for a few days is to take a bigger picture perspective from a distance to determine how to reposition your business to support your life, not the other way around. 


Once you can change the positioning of your business as it relates to your life, everyone wins - you, your business, your clients, your friends, and your family. 

Stay tuned…


Next week, I'm going to share some more specific retreat takeaways that you can apply back at home. 


You will also have the opportunity to hear from some of the women who attended the retreat about their experience, their takeaways that they’re going to apply to their businesses, and how it's going to impact them personally. They’re prepared to get vulnerable to give you valuable insights you can use without even being on the retreat. 

Applications now open for Sage Your Soul 2023


If you’re interested in attending a future retreat, visit jengitomer.com/sageyoursoul


Our next retreat is scheduled for March 2023. We do have a waitlist and spots will fill up quickly. If you’re interested, you can book a call with me on the site to determine if the retreat would be a good fit for your current needs. I’d love to chat with you.