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Jan. 5, 2023

191: Managing Turnover as a Nonprofit Leader (Bert Armstrong)

191: Managing Turnover as a Nonprofit Leader (Bert Armstrong)

119: Managing Turnover as a Nonprofit Leader (Bert Armstrong)



As turnover affects every level of our nonprofit organizations, leaders are asking themselves “how do I attract and retain the talented people we need?” In episode #191 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we speak with Bert Armstrong, who has served more than three decades in the philanthropic sector, about navigating turnover. He discusses how to avoid turnover in the first place, the best approach to a search process when it’s necessary, and how to better develop emerging leaders when change occurs. It’s clear that nonprofit leaders can’t afford to take a “wait and see” attitude toward turnover in the sector, but by being proactive in ways that address compensation, wellness, culture and advancement opportunities will help attract and retain the talent you need.  



Bert Armstrong found his career mojo as a nonprofit leader and fundraiser. The teachings of his faith shaped his passion for the work and by the examples of servant leadership and generosity by people across all stations in life. His joy is reinforced daily working among brilliant leaders, talented professionals, passionate philanthropists, and frontline staff and volunteer heroes dedicated to making the lives of others a little better every day. Bert has served the nonprofit and philanthropic community as a fundraising professional, senior administrator, consultant, volunteer, and board member for over three decades. As co-founder and principal of Armstrong McGuire, he has spent the past 18 years leading searches for nonprofit and philanthropic executives and professionals, facilitating dynamic planning efforts, and helping Armstrong McGuire clients raise tens of millions of dollars. Today, Bert leads a talented team that is dedicated to helping Armstrong McGuire’s clients reach their potential for doing great things in their communities. Prior to co-founding Armstrong McGuire, Bert served as the Vice President for Advancement for the Methodist Home for Children in Raleigh, NC. Earlier in his career he held individual and corporate fundraising roles in the faith community, the arts, and in higher education, as well as working for a statewide gubernatorial campaign.