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Oct. 27, 2022

181: What Are Your Donors Thinking? (Derric Bakker)

181: What Are Your Donors Thinking? (Derric Bakker)

181: What Are Your Donors Thinking?  (Derric Bakker)



After record-level giving during Covid, what are your donors thinking with uncertain economic conditions ahead? In episode #181 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we talk with Derric Bakker, a 30+ year expert fundraiser and founder of the annual Donor Insight Study, about what donors are likely to do in the year ahead. After multiple years studying the economic indicators that affect philanthropic behavior, Derric shares his insight about what it all means for 2022 year-end giving as well as giving in 2023. Learn what needs are weighing on the minds of donors, how nonprofit leaders can benefit from these insights, and why now more than ever, leaders must clearly communicate the extent of need amongst those they serve.



Derric Bakker is one of those rare individuals who has been in fundraising for almost his entire career. In 1990, just a couple years out of college, Derric was offered his first fundraising position with a small local nonprofit. It soon became apparent that fundraising was a strong fit for his unique set of gifts and what started as a whim grew into a lifelong career. Over the next ten years he would hone his craft working at three different nonprofit organizations. Derric then segued into consulting in 2001. Over most of the next decade he worked as Vice President for two different firms providing capital campaign and major gift consulting services to dozens of different organizations. In 2010 Derric started his own consulting firm, which became DickersonBakker after a merger with Denver-based firm in 2012. Since then, he has served as President of DickersonBakker, which has grown to become a nationally recognized firm comprised of over 30 full-time professionals serving well over a hundred different nonprofit organizations each year.