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Jan. 6, 2022

139: What Are the Best Practices of a Nonprofit Leader? (Katie O’Malley)

139:  What Are the Best Practices of a Nonprofit Leader? (Katie O’Malley)

139:  What Are the Best Practices of a Nonprofit Leader? (Katie O’Malley)


Have you found true passion along your career journey?  Many in the nonprofit sector struggle to maintain their connection to the mission as they accomplish their daily work.  With more than 15 years in the sector, Katie O’Malley experienced this dilemma first-hand before translating this struggle into action and sharing her wisdom through Encourage Coaching. In episode #139 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Katie discusses the value of self-reflection to recognize career opportunities and leadership development skills so that you can reclaim balance in your personal and professional life, avoid burnout, and find self-awareness and how the clarification of these skills will positively affect your ability to work alongside others, motivate your team, and enhance the overall performance and engagement of your organization. Katie also shares advice at every stage of the career journey, from young professionals finding their place in the corporate structure, to mid-career employees considering the great resignation (or what she likes to call the “great reshuffle”). Finally, she speaks openly to the experiences many senior leaders face and how various stresses affect their responses and interactions with staff, board and the clients they serve, and the steps to recognize and make proactive changes that will make you a stronger more well-balanced leader.


Katie O'Malley is a Leadership Coach + Educator with fifteen years of professional experience serving the nonprofit, corporate and education sectors. Across these workplaces, she noticed that her strengths and values consistently steered her toward the support and development of others. In 2012, Katie earned her Master's Degree in Counseling and Board Certification in Coaching.  Coaching recent grads, experienced professionals, and small business owners aspiring to lead their teams and organizations is the most fulfilling, life-giving work on her resume. Currently, Katie works full-time as the Senior Associate Director of Leadership Development at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and she’s building her practice Encourage Coaching + Consulting. At home, she loves spending time with her partner and pups in their backyard, jumping on the Peloton for an energy boosting ride, and visiting my favorite spot in Chicago—Wrigley Field.