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One of the best podcasts
Lisa is an incredible coach. She challenges the status quo and makes her listeners ask better questions. I love the guest interviews and her solo episodes are filled with wisdom. Amazing podcast. Worth listening to every episode.

Wonderful host who brings her unique flavor to a great variety of guests.
Lisa is a fantastic and caring host who brings out the best in her guests. Each episode brings a lot of value, whether it’s Lisa doing something as a solo episode or having fantastic conversations with her guests. I’m excited to see what’s next!

A Gem of A Podcast
Lisa is an insightful interviewer who dives deep into living in our purpose. I loved our conversation, and can’t wait to hear more interviews from this great podcast.

Practical and thought-provoking
This podcast has guests who offer thought provoking insights as well as practical tips. Easy to listen to!

Inspired to embrace who I am and stay the course!
Like many business owners, I’m often setting goals to grow professionally and persoanlly. It’s easy to get caught up in what the world thinks I should know or who I should be. Business “leaders” with their get rich tactics and coaching hype flood the market with noise. It’s overwhelming. Lisa inspires me to embrace who I am and stay the course! It seems crazy to say I admire someone I’ve never met in person - but becasue Lisa has such a human aproach to sharing her experience and expertise, I feel as if I know her and can trust her. If you’re doing the hard work to discover and/or grow your passion, purpose and personal brand subscribe to this podcast. You won’t regret it.

First-class podcast
Jan 31st episode was compelling! What an inspiring episode. I love hearing origin stories and this one did not disappoint. James Harrington has brought awareness and tangible help to Uganda. What a great reminder that together, we can create transformational results in the world. From a business perspective, efficiency leverages resources effectively. I appreciate the transparency of this nonprofit organization. Keep up the great work, Lisa. Your guests provide so much value.

Makes Me Think Differently
Whether it’s an interview or solo episode, Lisa delivers new insights about what we can do to become better people. She features a diverse group of people who are making their passions come to life.

Needed to hear!
Wow! As a fellow entrepreneur, this podcast speaks directly to me! So many topics that resonate, thank you for awesome content and adding value to me and ultimately to the world! Highly recommend!

So much better than the fluff & rah rah coaches
Personal branding seems so much like trying to be a Kardashian when most of us just wanna be ourselves. Lisa’s stories, ideas, and tips break through the haze of that “be somebody awesome” crap and show you how being clear on who you are and what you love is the way more effective…and much more fulfilling.

Work Life Harmony Is Key
Saying goodbye to burnout and creating lasting work life balance requires harmony between the personal and the professional. Gone are the days of settling for an unfulfilling work life that doesn’t utilize your strengths or engage your passions. Learn to bring the best version of yourself to all you do with this amazing podcast! H Phillips

Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your story. It's helped me think about my life and how I will convey my story. Grateful!

Authenticity Squared!
I’m a huge believer in showing up authentically and not apologizing for it. Hasn’t always gone perfectly, but I do believe it has been a key to my success as a leader in both business and personal environments. Lisa gets it. I can’t wait to hear more. This may be my new favorite podcast. So motivating!