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Your Passion, Purpose and Personal Brand

Why am I here? What is my purpose?

How can I live in alignment with who I was created to be?

People are waking up to realize the life that was promised to them does not exist, nor does it begin to provide fulfillment. Join Lisa McGuire each week for interviews with intentional leaders who have not been afraid to reinvent themselves. Solo episodes are about growing to experience "so much more" and the impact of becoming your legendary self when living by your design.

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Recent Episodes

April 23, 2024

119 Overcoming Hurdles on a Journey to Reinvention with Jim Huling

What are the most telling signs that it may be time to consider a reinvention? What are the most common hurdles people face once they've decided to reinvent themselves? Why are we so resistant to change? What better way to s…
April 16, 2024

118 The Power to Change with Carla Howard

Change is an inevitable step in the growth process. It can challenge our thinking about how we conduct ourselves and our business.  Starting a business requires embracing discomfort and being willing to learn new skills. Man…
April 9, 2024

117 Starting a Side Gig with a Whiplash Career Move with Doree O'Neal

Today, more corporate workers are also interested in starting a side gig. They've built their expertise by climbing the corporate ladder but are yearning to do something that connects with purpose. These "whiplash" career mo…
April 2, 2024

116 Embracing Self-Awareness: The Key to Reinvention and Personal Growth with Deborah Horowitz

The career we eventually have may have been an idea first introduced to us as children. The job might have sounded exciting, and we may have been told it would be easy for us to do. For many, that career doesn't provide the…
March 26, 2024

115 Why It Took Four Years to Update My Website with Lisa McGuire

You don't need a website to start doing business.  Business starts with a curiosity about a problem you can solve with a product or service. It culminates with an energetic transfer of money.   Join Lisa McGuire for this sol…
March 19, 2024

114 Recognizing When It's Time to Rewrite Your Life's Narrative with Lisa McGuire

When we feel the pull to ask if it's time to shift our focus and reinvent ourselves, the mind often jumps in to tell us it's safer to stay where we are. Join Lisa McGuire as she shares insights on when reinvention is worth t…