Walking With The Chosen

Walking With The Chosen

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ChosenCon 2023 - What Did You Miss? I share everything!!

Nov. 22, 2023

I attended the first ever ChosenCon and I share all the details about the event as well as upcoming goodies about The Chosen Season 4 and beyond!! The video will be in YouTube as well, and I highly recommend you watch the vi…

Priscilla - She Was Going to End Her Life that Day, When This Miracle Happened

Oct. 18, 2023

Priscilla lives in Australia and a few years ago, she was living the life of Job, from the Old Testament. Over a span of a few years, she lost her dad, 3 weeks later was deathly ill, with brain bleeds and fighting with one a…

Interview with Julie Molina - an Employee of The Chosen

Aug. 17, 2023

Julie started off a part time employee working in Social Media to help grow the show. Soon she was moving up the ranks at The Chosen. In this episode, she shares her story as to how it all evolved and also talks about emails…

Interview with Executive Producer of The Chosen - Derral Eves

June 27, 2023

I have the executive producer of The Chosen on this episode, Derral Eves. We talk all about The Chosen. We talk about how it got started. We talk about how they raised money for the show. We talk about those Red Sea moments …

How The Chosen Saved a Broken Woman - My Personal Testimony

April 29, 2023

I was a broken woman after my 2nd divorce. I considered myself a Christian but I didn't really follow Jesus. I didn't talk to God very often and my heart was hard. Hear how watching The Chosen took my life from daily tears a…

S1E8 - I am He

March 27, 2023

In this final episode of Season 1, we get to finally discover what Nicodemus decides about following Jesus. Jesus performs another healing then he and the disciples head off to Samaria to start his ministry there. Plus, I sh…