Out of the kitchen and into the studio listen to real life experiences of Chefs, Restaurant Owners and Culinary Artists. Sit at the Chef's table and experience stories, secret sauces, signature dishes and kitchen disasters.

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Breaking the Silence: Jenn Haston Opens Up About Mental Health

Sept. 10, 2023

In this friends of Voice4Chefs episode, we dive into the personal journey of our guest, Jennifer, who shares her lifelong dream of becoming an actress and how she's pursuing it. She discusses the importance of having a chose…

The Wandering Foodudes YouTube Success Story

Sept. 5, 2023

Special Live Clubhouse Episode Release: The Wandering Foodudes YouTube Success Story from 5K to 55K Introduction: - The hosts Poetic and Fisch recount their journey from ordinary careers to becoming food bloggers. - Taking a…

Connect Culture and Cuisine with Diem Nguyen of Litibu Collective

Aug. 10, 2023

Connect Culture and Cuisine with Diem Nguyen of Litibu Collective This episode was recorded live on Clubhouse. Email: hello@litibucollective.com Website: https://www.litibucollective.com/ This episode was recorded live on Cl…

55: Part II Food Talk Show with TEDxMileHigh Chef Andrea Murdoch

July 10, 2023

In part II of this episode, we delve into the personal and culinary journey of chef Andrea Murdoch, who discovered a stronger connection to her indigenous heritage, leading to becoming an indigenous chef. Here are the highli…

54: Part I Food Talk Show with TEDxMileHigh Chef Andrea Murdoch

July 10, 2023

In part I of this Clubhouse episode, Chef Andrea Murdoch shares her early food memories from El Salvador and Guatemala, where she discovered the incredible flavors and freshness of ingredients. She recalls the joy of picking…

53: Part II Living Lavender with Renee Ellsworth

June 11, 2023

Meet Renee, a Seattle area native, whose journey began as a young teenager working in the restaurant industry. Starting as a hostess in a local bar and grill in Woodinville, Renee quickly developed a passion for people, crea…

About the Hosts

Carrie DuganProfile Photo

Carrie Dugan

Creative Designer

Experienced human-centered experience Designer and Researcher with 10+ years’ experience who strategically creates experiences, connects data through storytelling from complex customer scenarios, and enables team development leading to new ideas for design and process solutions.

Jenn HastonProfile Photo

Jenn Haston


With a lifelong passion for voices of others telling their story in their words, Jenn Haston joins the staff of Voices 4 Chefs to help our guests delight, enthrall and inspire you today. What will you hear and learn? You will need to tune in to find out! Interested in hearing more from Jenn? You can follow her at www.hastonhelpinghands.com and on Instagram @HastonHelpingHands for a weekly message of Inspiration Jenn Haston motivation about how to live your best life between work and home and everywhere in between.

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Michael Dugan

Culinary Podcast Host

Michael has degrees in Culinary Arts & Hotel & Restaurant Administration that initially led him to pursue a career in the industry in Seattle, WA & Napa Valley, CA. In 1995, he left the hospitality industry to build a successful technology career, but he never lost his passion for great culinary experiences or his respect for the talented chefs who mentored him. In May 2021, from out of the kitchen and into the studio he launched, The Voice4Chefs Podcast to connect us with innovative chefs and creative culinary artists. Tune in for a fun, interesting and tasty show.