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Nov. 15, 2022

A Heart-to-Heart with MomFriend, Amanda Miller Littlejohn

A Heart-to-Heart with MomFriend, Amanda Miller Littlejohn

In this episode of the Virtual Six-Figure Mom Podcast, we chat with Amanda Miller Littlejohn about all things motherhood and the lessons she's learned about raising kids while running a successful business and ensuring she maintains her sense of balance.

Do you find yourself: 
1. Overwhelmed by the juggle of managing everything and still trying to achieve success 
2. Stuck in a rut of the same old routine day-in and day-out 
3. Unfulfilled because you're not using your innate talents in your current situation 
Then this episode is for you! 

You will learn:
1. How our children learn from everything we do, both the good and the bad
2. The importance of having a support system as an entrepreneur
3. The ever-changing nature of motherhood and how it affects our relationship with our children and ourselves
4. The journey to defining and creating balanced success

Amanda Miller Littlejohn is a writer, PR strategist, personal branding coach, and mother of three. She has always been passionate about helping people identify what lights them up, follow their passions, and live an authentic life. It was my coaching from Amanda back in 2015 that led to the birth of this VSFM community.

Connect with Amanda:
Website: https://amandamillerlittlejohn.com/

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"I have always kind of prioritized balance, prioritized flexibility, prioritize being able to control my schedule."

"But also like it's a way of clearing. I took a class, like a metaphysical class and the teacher was talking about the six different ways that you have to kind of cleanse your energy. She was saying clearing is one of the things that's important to do and I realized I do that through journaling."

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