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Valley Of The Black Dolls - Your Host Dr. Bonnie Bonita

Valley Of The Black Dolls - Your Host Dr. Bonnie Bonita

This controversial show examines the many "real" and "perceived" negative and positive issues that have long systematically "dogged" black women and girls, while providing sound solutions to help combat the day to day struggles. It also chronicles the seven deadly sins that seek to cast a shadow on the relationships of black women and men as they seek to overcome barriers and struggles, by providing solutions to the root causations thereof. The show seeks to shed a continuous light on the black woman's saga.

The show is hosted by Dr. Bonnie Bonita:
Author, Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Change Agent & Successful Entrepreneur.

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Aug. 17, 2021

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About the Host

Dr. Bonnie Bonita

Dr. Bonnie Bonita: Author, Advocate, Life Coach, Radio Personality, Mentor & Change Agent

Dr. Bonnie Bonita
Podcaster at Valley Of The Black Dolls
Atlanta, Georgia

A familiar adage says "As long as there is life, there is hope." If this saying is true, then the abundance of life and vitality within Dr. Bonnie Bonita is an excellent indication that her future is resplendent of a beautiful horizon full of hope.

Bonnie resides in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area and has been involved with community organizing for years. Her mission in life is to enhance and educate others so that they may become self-sufficient, self-reliant and in control as to live out their life long purpose and dreams while leaving a legacy for others to follow and live by.

Bonnie salutes others who understand that it's not the chances that you take but the choices you make that help determine your destiny as you live and lead a purpose driven life.


Chief Executive Officer
2020 - Present
Atlanta, Georgia

Not One More Domestic Violence Victim - NOMDVV
2019 - Present
Atlanta, Georgia

Now Go Run Publishing, Inc.
2017- Present
Atlanta, Georgia


Newburgh Seminary
Doctoral Degree
Ministry (2021)

Tuskegee University
Master of Business Administration - MBA, Studied Business Administration -Marketing & International Business · (1984)


1201 Peachtree Street NE Bldg. 400
Atlanta, GA

Top Skills



Nonprofit Organizations


Spanish (Full Professional)


Now Go Run And Trump That! Black America's Guide to Surviving and Thriving in President Trump's America


“We endorse NOMDVV and salute its founder, Bonnie Bonita.” ~ Brian Poe, Esq., Brian Poe & Associates, Attorneys, PC

“She’s such an amazing person to work with, inside and out; a true blessing to my congregation.” ~ Dr. David. J. Mayfield, Minister

“Sincerely unapologetic about her passion, desire and hard work on behalf of others.” ~ Dr. Harold Hairston

“Loving life, people, animals—you name it—she’s such a blessing.” ~ Elder Jackie “Alex” James

“Bonnie Bonita’s passion for the cause breathes new life into others. Her work with NOMDVV is an amazing testament of courage, tenacity, hope, and empowerment.” ~Alonia Jones, Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Journalist, AloniaJones.com