Dec. 20, 2022

Seed to Series A, good pitch deck & network building - Jon Dishotsky, Giant Ventures

Seed to Series A, good pitch deck & network building - Jon Dishotsky, Giant Ventures

Jon Dishotsky has raised 50 million himself from top investors like Y Combinator or Index Ventures, meanwhile, he is an investor at Giant Ventures and thus works on the other side. In the podcast, we talk about the phase between Seed and Series A, a good pitch deck, how to properly ask for intros, and much more.

What you'll learn:

Why you should always give context when asking someone for help as a founder: in- and the role a like-minded trusted network plays in this.

What is important in a convincing pitch deck?

How to present yourself and your company as a motivated and convincing competitor.

How you should approach fundraising when everything doesn't go like a fairy tale


(00:00:44) What things do you wish you had known as a founder that you only learned as a VC?

(00:02:49) As a founder:in you need to manage your investors and continue to build relationships after a round of funding

(00:04:21) Why context is incredibly important when asking for help as a Founder: in

(00:09:18) What makes a good pitch deck

(00:13:59) Competitive slide in the pitch deck: How do I position my company cleanly to the competition without using irrelevant slides?

(00:17:13) How can I convince as a founder: in such a way that an investor picks up the spark of motivation and vision and can no longer say no? 

(00:19:04) How important is a peer group/trustworthy network in terms of contact with the VC?

(00:21:37) What uncomfortable tasks await me on the way from the seed round to Series A?

(00:28:38) How do I explain to my Series A investors that not everything went optimally in the seed phase?

(00:31:51) Is Series A still the logical consequence after pre-seed and seed? Did companies get Series A funding too quickly last year?

(00:36:18) Where is the line between "I'm too confident in myself and my product" and "I'm too reflective and doubtful"?

(00:40:31) What advice do you often give but find hard to follow yourself?


Jon Dishotsky


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