Unicorn Bakery - The Startup Founder Podcast

Unicorn Bakery - The Startup Founder Podcast

Unicorn Bakery is the startup podcast about the essential questions and issues in founding a startup. We interview the world’s leading startup founders and venture capital investors to cover every stage of the startup process, from ideation and strategy to technical, legal and financial issues. Listen to stories and lessons learned from the world's best founders and learn what it takes to create and scale your own startup.

Recent Episodes

May 7, 2024

1100+ investments, 40% Annual Realized Return for 26 years: How Fabrice Grinda built FJ Labs, one of the most successful Venture Capital Funds globally

Fabrice Grinda, founder of FJ Labs and extreme athlete, explains how he has made over 1100 investments, primarily in marketplace and network-effect startups, generating an average 40% return over 26 years. Fabrice also likes…
April 5, 2024

Consolidation as Strategy: Razor Group's Path to Market Leadership - Razor Group Founder Tushar Ahluwalia

Tushar Ahluwalia founded the Razor Group together with his founding team in 2020. Since then, the Razor Group has received more than one billion dollars in investment and credit, acquired and consolidated many Amazon FBA bus…
March 29, 2024

Misconceptions about pitching early stage investors - with Sequoia Capital Partner George Robson

Is the European climate for early-stage start-ups improving again? After the European fundraising ecosystem was somewhat more cautious in the years following the corona boom, the question is: how is it currently developing? …
March 22, 2024

Blitzscaling vs. Bootstrapping: How to choose your founder journey - Casper Rasmussen, Monta

Monta has raised more than 120 million euros for its software platform for electric vehicles to improve the accessibility of charging infrastructure. Within 3 years, Monta has scaled to around 300 employees, is currently hir…
March 15, 2024

How does it feel to make a 100 million dollars with an exit? with GitHub and Gitbutler Founder Scott Chacon

Scott Chachon is one of the co-founders of GitHub, a developer platform that was sold to Microsoft for around 7.5 billion dollars. We talk about the moment he found out about the sale to Microsoft, how much money he made fro…
March 8, 2024

Cost-Traps that Cost Your Company Millions David Heinemeier-Hansson, 37signals

David Heinemeier Hansson is the inventor of Ruby on Rails and founder of 37signals, a company that has developed products such as Basecamp, Hey.com and more over the last 20 years. However, apart from Jeff Bezos, David and h…