Feb. 27, 2024

How AI changes creativity forever, with Adobe’s Chief Strategy Officer Scott Belsky

How AI changes creativity forever, with Adobe’s Chief Strategy Officer Scott Belsky

What role does creativity play for entrepreneurs?

And how is the understanding of creativity changing as a result of artificial intelligence?

Scott Belsky founded Behance, sold the start-up to Adobe and is now Chief Product and Chief Strategy Officer there.

Adobe is one of the 50 most valuable companies in the world.

At Adobe, Scott oversees all new products and is deeply involved in what the future looks like for creatives.

In this podcast episode of Unicorn Bakery, Scott Belsky and Fabian Tausch talk about the impact of artificial intelligence on entrepreneurship, creativity and product development in companies.

What you'll learn:

-What impact is AI having on work at large corporations like Adobe?

-How are product teams changing due to AI?

-How did Scott feel as a founder after selling his company to Adobe?

-What do investors like Scott want when looking for new talent?

-When is it worth launching a new product and when is it worth developing the existing one?



Scott Belsky

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Adobe: https://www.adobe.com/

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(00:00:00) How does creativity influence entrepreneurship?

(00:06:28) How does AI impact such large organizations like Adobe?

(00:10:21) How do you decide if you want to launch a new product vs. improve a "good old" one and what are your thoughts on a good launch?

(00:18:37) How did you feel after selling to Adobe?

(00:23:33) What are you looking for when you want to invest in a business?