May 5, 2023

How to disrupt and protect yourself from disruption - Pascal Finette, be radical

How to disrupt and protect yourself from disruption - Pascal Finette, be radical
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Especially in today's market, major macro changes can happen quickly. But how do I react to this as a founder? Pascal Finette does just that with be radical: He helps companies arm themselves against disruption and has written his new book "Disrupt Disruption" to do just that.

What you learn:

How do I recognize impending disruption and what signals do I need to watch out for?

How much do I need to consider future market conditions when building my products today to avoid losing value?


(00:01:44) How do you define disruption/disruption in the market?

(00:08:08) How do I identify which innovation in the market needs my attention and which is important to my business?

(00:17:04) How do you know you need to act in the market to avoid a disruption?

(00:21:00) Of the startups you deal with, how many are working on ideas that are worth investing in?

(00:28:18) How forward-thinking should founders be in building products today, and what is the risk of being outcompeted in four five years if they don't?

(00:31:59) What was the writing process of your book like in terms of the two important factors you needed to focus on?

(00:38:40) How important are values and ethics to you personally in the startup world, and how do you test whether startups are in line with them?

(00:44:02) What are important criteria for you when choosing investors for your own projects or for the startups you invest in?

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