July 13, 2019

Marc Teerlink, SAP Leonardo

Marc Teerlink, SAP Leonardo

Is Artificial Intelligence a chance or a risk for humankind and businesses?

When we mention artificial intelligence (AI), many people think of gloomy future in which machines are completely replacing human workers making an army of unemployed people that are good to nobody and living on the verge of poverty. The question is, are we looking at things in the right perspective? What if artificial intelligence is something that is bringing humanity back to humans? Bringing humans back to their roots? Taking the heavy lifting processes from their shoulders and enabling them to focus on more important things? Freeing them from tedious, repetitive tasks, and giving them a chance to spread their creativity and bring real value? 

That is how Marc Teerlink, Global Vice President at SAP sees the goal of artificial intelligence and its development. Marc Teerlink began his professional journey by applying data around observed consumer behavior to statistics. He deeply understood that the value of data would very soon surpass the value of oil. At the same time, he realized data itself is useless if one did not have the knowledge to interpret it. If you know how to interpret and how to use data, which is precisely what artificial intelligence provides, you have a very powerful tool! Data is a driver for growth in today's economy, and only if used in the right perspective, it provides insights that lead to actions which create business value.

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