Sept. 17, 2019

Jack Constantine, CDO Lush

Jack Constantine, CDO Lush

How Lush is working during this digital era

Our guest today is Jack Constantine, the Chief Digital Officer at Lush. Lush is an innovative, ambitious company manufacturing fresh handmade cosmetics. According to its web site, the company's goal is to make Lush (and the wider world) a better, fairer, and more sustainable place. How? By building an ethical, environmentally-friendly, and fair business. I was intrigued by their vision and amazed by Jack's enthusiasm and dedication to making a difference.

Lush was founded by his parents, Mark Constantine and Elizabeth Weir. Jack has helped in various sectors of the company but finally found his place as the head of Digital Apartment. He immediately recognized the need to position the company in the online space. It was the beginning of social media and social networking evolution. Jack decided to use that opportunity and interact and communicate with customers. He built great social media channels and community forum, so today Lush is famous for its loyal and dedicated followers called "Lushies." But that didn't come overnight. They have always listened to their customers, being very attentive to their thoughts, needs, and expectations. Communication was one of the keys to their success.

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