April 28, 2023

Operational Excellence: A look behind Uber's China business - Cleo Sham, Stride VC

Operational Excellence: A look behind Uber's China business - Cleo Sham, Stride VC
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Formerly an operator at Uber China, now an investor at Stride VC - that's Cleo Sham. In addition to exciting impressions of the Asian market, she also has operational insider knowledge for your success.

What you learn:

Do you necessarily need people on the ground if you want to operate in a non-European market?

What are the differences between the Asian market and Europe and the US?

What kind of help do I look for when my company needs operational support?

What makes a good internal playbook?





(00:01:21) How did you get into venture and startups?

(00:02:41) Why did you start at Uber China instead of entering the US market?

(00:04:21) How has Uber China changed as a result of your involvement?

(00:07:08) What differences does China or the Asian market have from Europe and US and do I necessarily need locals to operate there?

(00:15:51) How do you define operational excellence? What is important?

(00:26:26) Playbook topic: How do you get started creating a playbook?

(00:32:24) What should be included in my playbook?

(00:34:40) How does the cadence of communication differ for a small business vs. a large business?

(00:40:02) As an investor today, how does your experience in operations help you identify startups that are on a good path to operational excellence?

(00:45:11) I'm a young startup looking for operational help: what skills should that help bring and how can I test the potential for help?


Cleo Sham

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cleosham/

Stride VC: https://stride.vc/



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