Jan. 20, 2023

Companies are bought, not sold - Mike Janke, Datatribe

Companies are bought, not sold - Mike Janke, Datatribe

Mike Janke has built Datatribe, one of the best data science and cyber security venture studios globally.... His experience with Special Forces helped him build the company - but how? We talk about team leadership, growth stage, when your Head of or VPs shouldn't grow with the company and how to teach them to go easy on themselves.

What you'll learn:

How good team building works and whether you always have to herd experts.

If you are planning an exit - how should you prepare your team and business for it?

Why do they say companies are bought and not sold?

How do you find the right VC for your company and how do you communicate changes between stages?

How do you communicate to executives that they are not right for the next stage of the company?



(00:01:08) What is Datatribe?

(00:09:14) What does a good team look like to you, even with the background knowledge of team building in Special Forces?

(00:14:37) Skills vs culture fit: how can I tell which employee is a better fit for my company?

(00:19:29) Why not delay or postpone decisions for too long?

(00:24:13) How do I communicate with my VPs and managers the nextphases of the company, even if they may no longer be right for the tasks, without them feeling attacked?

(00:28:41) What role do company culture and revenue play in key personnel decisions?

(00:34:55) How do you approach an exit internally and how do you communicate a possible sale or exit with your team?

(00:40:26) How do you identify the VC that will "benefit" your company the most and move you forward?

(00:43:23) How important is money really and how do I find the right one for my business among all the supposedly good VCs?

(00:47:29) What is the role of the investor and the VC's respective partner?

(00:50:55) When does ego help me build a good company and at what point is it too much ego?

(00:54:31) Mike's last words for the audience?

Mike Janke

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-j-a79327/

Datatribe: https://datatribe.com/


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