Jan. 24, 2023

Recalibrating as a startup: without aligned milestones, you won't get new funding - Marvin Liao, Diaspora Ventures

Recalibrating as a startup: without aligned milestones, you won't get new funding - Marvin Liao, Diaspora Ventures

With over 450 investments in early-stage startups, Marvin Liao is one of the most active investors in the world,

In the podcast, we talk about how you recalibrate as a founder to see if you're on track. Marvin often sees with his portfolio companies that founders assume too much that it only affects others and don't want to perceive that the market situation affects them too...

What you learn:

In what ways are people currently investing differently? Who is currently getting money??

Why is it super important to get outside help in tough times?

How do I communicate to my team and investors when I realize we are in crisis mode?



(00:01:23) You've made over 450 investments - what were the most unusual ones from a VC perspective?

(00:02:30) What should founders be prepared for in 2023?

(00:04:41) To what extent do I need to revise milestones and plans for my next round of funding?

(00:05:59) How likely is it that the million-dollar rounds from previous years will be repeated this year?

(00:06:25) How can I make sure I survive in 2023 with the money I took in from previous years?

(00:08:12) How unprepared are the founders currently and what are the consequences?

(00:9:18) How can founders determine if they are prepared for the next crisis year?

(00:12:33) Is everything bad in the current market situation or are there also positive points?

(00:14:07) How should I approach my fundraising to have a meaningful survival strategy for the current market?

(00:17:38) Who can Green:ers turn to for help and advice in times of crisis?

(00:18:48) What thoughts do I need to have before a funding round???

(00:20:44) Application example for crisis fundraising.

(00:24:13) Why are corporate culture and communication so important?

(00:26:42) As a founder:in, how can you try to keep a level head and not rush into anything?

(00:28:21) How do you communicate (internally & with investors) when you realize that the company will not survive the next phase?

(00:30:48) What is the best way to communicate problems???

(00:36:00) What are your goals in VC work and how are they evolving in light of what's happening in the market?

(00:38:48) Has your way of investing and evaluating changed with market conditions and how do you continue to achieve successful investments?

(00:40:45) What is the best way for European founders to build an international business?

(00:41:33) What advice do you often give but find difficult to follow yourself?

(00:44:27) Your final words to the founders who are listening

Marvin Liao

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marvinliao/

Diaspora Ventures: https://www.diaspora.vc/


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