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Feb. 25, 2023

220. "Thriving in Life After Sports" | Team Sidelined Podcast w/ Christine Pinalto

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Thanks for tuning in!

Show Notes:

(3:32)  Taj’s own pitfalls and triumphs in athletic retirement 

(8:20)  Lack of purpose, uncertainty, and the “Who am I now?” question 

(12:05) Finding clarity in the “Who I want to become”

(16:54) How opening up our focus to serving others can help in the quest for what’s next

(21:56) How fueling our mind and body can help in the transition following athletic retirement 

(23:30) Approaching life as your sport

(26:26) How asking better questions will lead you to better answers

(28:06) Self reflection and the value of asking for feedback from the people around you

(32:36) How what you loved about your sport can offer clues as to where you will find fulfillment

(35:35) More on “life as your sport”

(37:00) Auditing your circle

(40:05) Practical tips for drafting mentors

(45:04) Finding more resources from Taj

(46:25)  What if working with a life coach is not in the budget?

(49:25) Final thoughts for athletes going through transition right now

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