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Oct. 28, 2021

147. The Weight Room Podcast | Hosted by Daniel Volz

147. The Weight Room Podcast | Hosted by Daniel Volz

There are a ton of athletes out there, maybe you're one of them, who have dedicated their life to their sport. They have spent hours physically training, practicing, studying film, etc. to optimize their potential to get to the highest level of what they do. Even when athletes do achieve the peak of their performance and get to the professional or Olympic level, their career does come to an end in their 30's or 40's. The issue with this is that after ALL this dedication, they still have decades of life left and for most athletes who make it only to the college level, they are stuck without a lot of other options besides going into the "real world". Unfortunately, in a lot of instances, athletes do not know what to do after sports. They have not thought of the future, they haven't been told to think of the future, and they are left without much direction.

This is exactly what Taj Dashaun helps athletes with and it's what we talk about on this podcast. We talk about creating new routines, finding your purpose, finding your new sport within life and how to kill it on a daily basis to win.

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