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Sept. 9, 2021

138. The Official "Athlete to Entrepreneur" Book Launch!

138. The Official

I'm excited to announce 🗣 the Official Book Launch for Athlete to Entrepreneur! 🎉

These driven, successful entrepreneurs have collaborated and co-authored an amazing book 📚 that is designed to make an impact.

Our Athletes turned Entrepreneurs are ready to share snippets of their powerful stories and their experiences of co-authoring alongside one another.

The Athlete to Entrepreneur Book Launch will provide information about how to:

✅Endure pressure while maintaining a high level of performance

✅Learn from your mistakes

✅Analyze your weaknesses

✅Become the greatest version of yourself

Each author will give insight into how the skills and lessons they learned as an athlete have allowed them to make a successful transition into the entrepreneurial world. They hope each of their stories educates, impacts and inspires you to use the skills learned as an athlete to become change agents for your communities.

Check out the full video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/xJksbwkzDBg

Thank you for your support!

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