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June 10, 2021

124. "Higher Awareness & Empowered Living" w/ Dartanyon Crockett


Dartanyon Crockett was born in inner-city Cleveland, OH. Raised in a neighborhood filled with consistent violence, Dartanyon managed to maintain unconditional compassion toward others. In high school he crossed paths with a young man by the name of Leroy Sutton who shared this virtue. The power and beauty of their friendship managed to resonate across the world, thanks to the help of ESPN producer, Lisa Fenn. Who eventually became a part of their unlikely family.

The airing of their 2009 documentary “Carry On” aided Dartanyon in pursuing a career as a U.S. Paralympian in the sport of judo. As a Paralympic athlete Dartanyon also began to build a career in inspirational speaking. Dartanyon’s speaking career has led him to pursue knowledge and insight from the fields of social work, sociology, as well as education.

While stepping in to his new career as a sociologist, serving as a Program Manager for YESS, Dartanyon has grown to become an expert in the area of recovery and resilience. Dartanyon addresses these concepts by generalizing knowledge from his lived international experience as an athlete, coach and speaker and his sociological and trauma informed research.

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