three siblings

Can’t recommend it enough. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh. It makes you feel everything.

As someone who has struggled with mental health issues and the trauma of losing loved ones, I cannot recommend the 'Three Siblings' Journey' podcast enough. The three siblings who share their personal stories on the podcast have been through a lot, yet they approach their experiences with grace, humor, and vulnerability.

Throughout the podcast, the siblings openly discuss their struggles with suicide, trauma, and depression, offering a raw and honest perspective on these difficult topics. Despite the heavy subject matter, the podcast is surprisingly uplifting, offering hope and inspiration to anyone who may be struggling with similar challenges.

What's particularly notable about this podcast is the unique backgrounds and stories of each sibling. It's clear that mental health and trauma affect everyone differently, and hearing three different perspectives on the same issues is enlightening.

March 18, 2023 by ManviShah on Apple Podcasts

three siblings