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Episode 394 Fri May 31 - 2024

On Episode 394 of our show, we celebrate the historic, and much deserved, 34 individual guilty verdicts delivered for the first time ever, against a former President of the United States of America. Friend of The Beaver Lodge, the fabulous, funny, and fierce Laura Babcock ['The OShow'], joins us to discuss public relations fallout and opportunities... and we may or may not be having early morning orange drinks (as it is always 11 a.m. somewhere).

Also, we talk about

* How to Keep Your Drink Cool

* But First... Doug Ford on Immigrants

* Good Policies, Tired Government?

* Nicaragua

* Liberals Have Terrible Coms

* Taking Out Facts

* More Pride, Less Prejudice

* ♪ We Wish You a Merry Trumpmas♫

* How It Went Down

* Still Denying

* Sentencing

* Focus: November 5th

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Your Eager Beaver and Mr. Grizzly


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