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November 01, 2022

True North Eager Beaver Interview Project -- The Spark Strategy co-founder Bailey Reid

True North Eager Beaver Interview Project: Episode 25 -- The Spark Strategy co-founder Bailey Reid

True North Eager Beaver Interview Project: Episode 25 -- The Spark Strategy co-founder Bailey Reid

[Recording date: October 31, 2022]

The Eager Beaver Pod asks its guests if they're willing to provide an extended interview, so that we may better get to know them/what makes them tick.

When they agree, we package it together and present it to you as part of this series.

This week's guest, is co-founder of The Spark Strategy, a unique facilitated process to approach sexual violence prevention.

In light of Hedley' frontman Jacob Hoggard being sentenced to five years in prison for sexual violence, we speak to Bailey Reid who has brough her past experience as the former Coordinator for the Sexual Assault Network of Ottawa, a Women’s Rights Campaigner for Oxfam Canada, and a nearly ten-year stint as Chair of the Public Engagement Committee of the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women to her new passion project. She talks to us about how a proactive accountability-based approach to changing organizational culture on matters related to sexual violence can be more effective than a reactive liability-based approach.

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This is episode 25 of the TNEB Interview Project.


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