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May 23, 2024

She Lied — The Daily Beaver Morning Show

She Lied — The Daily Beaver Morning Show -- Episode 377 Wed, May 8 - 2024

She Lied — The Daily Beaver Morning Show -- Episode 377 Wed, May 8 - 2024

Well, hel-looo Kits ‘n’ Kubs!

On Episode 377 of our show, we explore Danielle Smith reflexively lying when asked about her having claimed that the Alberta Electric System Operator was on board with her decision the impose a moratorium on renewables when the truth is AESO's CEO Mike Law was not at all on board with the pause, saying it would throw the industry into a tailspin.

Also, we talk about:

  • Smith's Lies: AESO
  • Pre-Born?!?
  • Abortion
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Realpolitik on Netanyahu
  • Realpolitik on Activism

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