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Week 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is on and still no wins from the Canadian-based teams.

There is big news for Indigenous people on both sides of the border today; Albertans and British Columbians are grappling with Mother Nature; The Proud Boys face Consequence Culture; the PM drops some truth at both the Liberal Convention and the Council on Foreign Relations; Stats Can releases job numbers for April, and; MP Michael Chong is still overplaying his hand.

We touch on these subjects, and more, on this Friday morning Beaver Bite.

Today -- we talk about:

  • Leah Gazan
  • Coronation
  • Wildfires and Floods
  • Artur's Verdict
  • Ya Still Proud, Boys?
  • Liberal Convention
  • PMJT Serves Tea
  • PeePee Trashes the House
  • EQ
  • Job Numbers
  • A Chong Show
  • The Other Trudeau
  • RIP Gordon Lightfoot and Harry Belafonte

Our morning show is the purrr-fect thing for busy Kits who are on-the-go, but still want to stay engaged.

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This is episode number 114 of The Daily Beaver Morning Show.


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[Recording Date: May 5, 2023]

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