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October 22, 2022

Our 100th Show! --- Just a Nibble (The Not Quite Daily Beaver)

Our 100th Show! Episode 8of our morning show --- Just a Nibble (The Not Quite Daily Beaver)

Our 100th Show! Episode 8of our morning show --- Just a Nibble (The Not Quite Daily Beaver)

[Recording Date: October 21, 2022]

Hey Kits!

It's another episode of Just a Nibble -- but as we typically have more time on Fridays, it's more like 4 nibbles (what can we say; we're chatty?) --  (The Not Quite Daily Beaver): For those moments when you still want your Beaver-Grizzly goodness, but just don't have time for a whole bite (you might wanna pace yourself -- LOL).

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7 Eastern, we livestream a (not so) quick (today) take on the news, in addition to our usual formats.

Today we spend the majority of the show going in depth into the Public Order Emergency Commission hearings, discussing the testimony of the first six witnesses a week ago Friday, that of City of Ottawa officials this week, and the most recent testimony of witnesses from the OPP and Ottawa Police Services.

We then move on to discuss the current COVID -- it's really not over -- situation; have a giggle about "The Lettuce Wins!"; very briefly mention Iran shit disturbing, and; check in on whether Dan-YELL (aka Marjorie Taylor Smith) will outlast a cabbage!

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This episode 8 of our Eager Beaver morning show, and our 100th episode since we came to exist!


Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something.

Because we believe that Democracy Is Something You Do...

Canadians have been donating generously to the Red Cross Hurricane Fiona relief for our brother and sisters in Atlantic Canada. The donations will be matched by the federal government for the first 30 days (ends on October 18th), so please do the right neighbourly thing, and give generously.

All you need to do is click this link to get there. [https://donate.redcross.ca/page/114083/do/1]

And municipal elections are coming in Ontario on October 24th, in Manitoba o October 26th, in the Yukon Territory on October 27th, and on Prince Edward Island on November 7th , so make sure you cast an informed vote.


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Democracy is Something You Do. 

Be Kind to & Gentle with Yourself.