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[Episode 28 of the True North Eager Beaver flagship show]

(Recording Date: May 7, 2022)

Title for today's show created By Holly Warner,


On Tuesday, May 3rd, Canadians woke to terrifying news coming from the United States: A draft SCOTUS decision indicating that Roe Vs Wade would be overturned was leaked, and since, sadness, fear, trepidation, mobilization, anger, and shock has reverberated all around the globe.

We have invited a panel of 4 women from a variety of perspectives and experiences to discuss how the news affected them. They share past experiences, beliefs, thoughts, hope, tips, and knowledge in a discussion that is both incredibly engaging and moving.

This among the most meaningful episodes – if not the most – we’ve done.

We are very proud of this one, and we hope you will get as much from listening to it as we have putting it together.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: The issues of abortion, rape, violence, etc. are touched on. This is a frank discussion.

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Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something. Because we believe that “Democracy Is Something You Do”, this week’s suggestion:

Help Make the Conservative Party Progressive (or even actually conservative) Again. Apply for a CPC membership and vote "Not Pierre (or worse)" in the CPC Leadership race: https://cpc-site-static.s3.amazonaws.com/media/public/member_application.pdf

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Democracy is Something You Do. 

Be Kind to & Gentle with Yourself.