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March 13, 2023

Educator Joanna Johnson (aka Unlearn16) -- True North Eager Beaver Interview Project / The Daily Beaver Morning Show

Educator Joanna Johnson (aka Unlearn16) -- True North Eager Beaver Interview Project / The Daily Beaver Morning Show Episode 80

The True North Eager Beaver asks its guests if they're willing to provide an extended interview, so that we may better get to know them / what makes them tick.

When they agree, we package it together and present it to you as part of this series.

This week's guest, is a teacher (not to mention an online style star) who has an undeniable passion for her students and is socially engaged. She describes herself as "always ready to give my opinion with a wink and a sarcastic barb -- even when it isn't asked for - especially when it isn't asked for." Her social media game is solid, and chances are you've stumbled upon her TikTok videos, which contain so much substance.

Today, we welcome to The Beaver Lodge, Joanna Johnson, also known as Unlearn16.

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This is episode 28 of the TNEB Interview Project AND Episode 75 of The Daily Beaver Morning Show


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Recording Date: March 13, 2023

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